We are now seeing much of the changing times. There are even more turbulent times ahead, however don't lose heart. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Remember that change and destruction has to take place in order for new constructions to appear.

I was told in early 1996:

We welcome you on this your New Year Day in your concept of time. We do not have time as you do, as everything exists in the now.

There are indeed changes happening in your world which have greater ramifications. The weather is a sign of these changes. Mankind is being made aware of these changes through the pattern of your weather. The earth herself is being altered and man's conception of his home planet is about to change. There is naught to fear. All change is for a wider purpose. Be prepared to change self as these changes happen around you. All is in accord with Divine Law. The seasons are only one sign of the great shift which is to occur. Be prepared to accept whatever comes in each new day. The time for taking anything for granted is over. Each new moment has a different thing to offer you. Be prepared to accept each change as it occurs. There is nothing frightening or fearful in this - it is just different from what you may have anticipated in times past. You must realise that you cannot live in your past any more.

Only by going within and accepting what is in your now time will you find peace. Past and future will no longer have the hold over you that they once did. Live in the moment and be joy-filled. There is naught to fear. Be happy . . .

The more enlightened we are about our future and what to expect, the more we will be able to be in harmony as these things happen. We are children of the one Creator and as such we have opportunities to witness one of the greatest changes this planet has seen. Remember we are eternal. Nothing can harm us. If we do leave our physical bodies we only make the transition, we do not die. Love is eternal. Only love can be taken with us. We can never lose that which we never had in the first place. We are literally "embodiments of love". If we become enlightened through understanding and compassion, before we make this transition, we have served our life's purpose. We will have begun to see the changes which will herald our new world!

Many of us, like my husband, for example are afraid to look into the future for fear of what they will see. When I asked Divine Guidance about this the answer was as follows:

Your man is afraid to look to the future. He has much fear still within him. The years will unfold in their own good time. If each moment is made to count, the outcome will not be important, for you will be living in your higher consciousness and time as you know it, will cease to be the same. One day you will emerge from your bed of sleep and say: "Has two years of time really passed? It seems like only yesterday!"

When you are fully immersed in your now moment there is no past or present. All is at that moment - and that, my child is how life was always meant to be. Your good man will see the future as a time for him to rest, but indeed he will not rest. His fear of the future will push him on to further activities and he will not get his chance to look back to the times past and say "Where has the time gone?" for indeed he will be living his past, present, and future in the one moment.

Life is an ongoing cycle and nothing that exists is permanent, yet at the same time, no lesson learned is ever lost. You will see self in the future and wonder if you ever were the being you see now. Your concept of time is changing so fast even those upon your plane called scientists, are indeed investigating this, your concept of time.

Live in the present moment and be joyful. The future will unfold as it is meant to be.

All of our reactions are caused by our past connection to something. If we live in the present, there is no guilt of the past, no fear for the future, there is just now! That is how this world will be in the days to come. We are coming into an Age when all will be now. So many people these days have 'instant amnesia'. They can't remember what they were going to do or say. They forget things that they did yesterday. The effect is throughout all generations. It is not just the old or middle-aged people who are having this problem. Even my young daughter is forgetting things that she never once would have forgotten. Our earth is moving into another dimension - literally! We are finding ourselves more and more, living only in the present. The past is slipping away, as memories are fading. We will have no need to carry extra baggage into the new Age. Our memories will be transmuted through love and will become part of our now. Because of the changes happening to us, we will be more open psychically to contacting those we have loved and lost through physical death. We will have moved our consciousness into a higher dimension.

Some of the changes are already happening. The earth herself is rebelling against the mistreatment over the last few centuries of abuse and rape by mankind. She is cracking as her belly is opened and earthquakes tremble, to rid her of the poisons mankind has treated her with. She is spewing forth her volcanoes, raging her seas and sending her winds to parch the earth and her rains to flood the plains, causing mudslides and creating much havoc.

We will see an increase in the fall of the economic markets world-wide. The banks will fall as will the stock market and the larger insurance companies. Many will be trying to survive as more and more people become jobless. It will be crucial times which will call for much strength from our inner sources. People who are not balanced will become further imbalanced as they begin to turn to crime in order to survive. Mechanical equipment will start to fail and there will be numerous accidents, both in the air and on the ground.

The earth, which has suffered so much abuse, will release some of the radioactive waste buried deep within her bowels. These leaks have already began to happen and worse could be waiting, if mankind does not wake up to the hurt he is causing from his nuclear wastes and weapons.

Our brothers from space will land among us and converse with many. They will be the saving grace for many, as people begin to become disheartened and angry with the governments, and question their long kept secrets, and their own religions. These beings will assist us by showing us how we can overcome our difficulties through brotherly love to each other. More people will find their psychic powers opened as they become more attuned with their higher sources.

Again I was advised to live in the moment:

Live in the now moment and do not let thoughts of past worry you. You are a multidimensional being, and the thoughts you have are not yours alone, but belong to the many who are also part of you. Your multidimensional selves are coming to the point where freedom is in sight for them all. You are about to embark on a wonderful journey to freedom. Be happy. This time is not far off. Let each day bring you more joy. Live in that joy and let not past worries intervene. There is much light about you. Let it shine for the world needs it now more than ever. Those things which are brought to the light are brought to be healed. Have no fear that harm will come to any. These things are necessary for healing of situations. Simply allow all things to come to the light. Be steady in your thoughts.

Send your loving thoughts to everyone you feel has need of them, for we can affect their arrival. Thoughts are REAL. Do not be deceived that they are not. Your loving thoughts WILL find their target. Pray often. There is hope for every situation. Believe that all is possible through the love of the Creator. These thoughts we leave with you. . .

The coming days, once the worst is over, will be a time of rejoicing. We will literally see the great prophecies fulfilled, as the "lamb lays down with the lion". Cattle will not be afraid of losing their lives any longer, as the new day dawns. Animals of all species will commune in families and live in peace again, as it was in the beginning. There will be a greater consciousness among mankind and man will be enlightened by the growing light within.

We are advised to face our ailments with understanding and acceptance as these changes occur.

Many are finding ailments today. Be of good cheer. Happier times are ahead. We know you are going through some trialing times at the moment but they won't last. Learn your lesson well and these times will pass more quickly. I Am your guiding light. Fear not.

These times are for your growth. Learn well and these lessons will become lessons of joy. Let not your heart be troubled. Take all things in your stride and one day they will be looked upon as the greatest treasures life could give you. These things are in themselves unpolished jewels to be transformed into the most dazzling beauty you could ever imagine. These lights of beauty are just waiting to be revealed to you. The promises of the future go with you.

Walk in light and be glad . . . We love you.

We, as mankind, are becoming fully consciousness beings, and will be able to communicate with others in higher dimensions. There will be no barriers to what we can do. We will learn to use antigravity as a means to transport ourselves. We will have laws but they will be good laws. They will be in alignment with the Higher Will.

Once we become aware enough of ourselves as Divine beings, and treat everyone else as if they were Divine also, we will find crime and greed disappear. There will be no need for insecurities and fears. The last vestiges of these are being played out in our world right now. Their time is short dear reader. Be hopeful and joyful. Our promised thousand years of peace IS coming! Our days will be longer upon this planet as peace envelopes the whole of humanity and lower life forms as well. We will raise our vibrations to a higher dimension and will live to see this transition of our beautiful planet within our lifetimes!

Take heart all who read. Peace is just around the corner. Those who are aware enough to understand these words will be the ones to be the leaders and the councillors in the days to come. Know that YOU are Divine Essence. You are LOVE. You are as much a part of God as anyone else. All have equal claim to that right.

Enlightenment comes through understanding. Enlightenment comes through non-judgement and unconditional Love. Enlightenment comes through "feeling the daily daggers of relentless steel and keeping on living". Enlightenment is raising our consciousness towards our Higher Self, or Greater Light. Enlightenment is reaching our arms out to our fellowman in compassion and concern. Enlightenment is expressing the living truth in each moment we walk the path of Light, in whatever our jobs are, or whatever course our lives take.

The promises for our future are embodied in the following song. It was sung to the tune of Amazing Grace by Silarra, one of the extraterrestrial walk-ins who have come to help our planet:

Amazing grace, compassion and truth
Aqua star - ship of blue light.
We have come to Earth to live its dream:
A heaven of pure delight!

We share our forces here with you
Of inside wisdom and love.
We live here upon this plane
As we do in the ships above.

There are more than twelve thousand groups of twelve
We have gathered from afar.
We have come to fill the Earth with light,
To fulfill her birth as a star.

We speak to you of Heaven on Earth;
It's within if you'll just allow.
Don't hesitate, your Spirit calls -
Wake up - the time is now!


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