We do have help. Many times I have asked for help and the answer has come. I do this sometimes in a form of prayer, sometimes by picking up paper and pen and writing a question that is burning in my heart for an answer. If I relax my mind enough, the answer will flow through my head and I write the words without really thinking about them. I feel myself lifted out of myself somehow, as the answers flow through me. It is only afterwards, when the transition has stopped, that I re-read what has been written and am quite astounded at the profundity of what has come from my Divine Guidance. Sometimes it is in the plural and sometimes in the singular. I know there are guides and angels helping me. When the answers come in the singular, I feel it is more an answer from my Higher Self, or God-Source.

We all have Divine help from the spiritual realm if we wish to tap into this valuable source. These beautiful Divine beings are ever willing to help us if we only ask. They cannot do anything to help if we do not ask. We have to recognize that they are there, and ask for their help. This is the importance of faith and prayer, and meditation. It is vitally important at this time on planet Earth, to use the Divine energies available to us for healing of ourselves, others, and the Earth herself. These great spiritual beings are just waiting for us to ask them. They can help us help ourselves. These are our spiritual Guides, the Masters and Angels who are also part of the One-God, and those who have travelled the same road as we are on. When we ask for help, they are thereby empowered to give us a helping hand when we find ourselves in a situation which is less than desirable. They are there through the good times and the bad (as we judge them to be). There is no judgement as such in the spiritual realm, as all is accepted for what it is.

The energies DO NOT JUDGE. They supply what we ask for. If we put out feelings of unworthiness, that is what we will find ourselves becoming - unworthy. If we put out feelings of fear, we are validating it and giving it a greater reality. These things come back to us many times multiplied. If, however, we put out feelings of joy, that is what comes back to us, in greater quantity than we have dreamed possible. We are our own creators. What we put out we get back. We create our own future - by our thoughts! If we have feelings of hatred and fear, we actually put this into the ether surrounding the planet, and it is there for the collective consciousness to pick up. We darken our planet with these thoughts.

It is most important at this time to lighten up, both for ourselves and for the sake of the planet Earth. The planet has been carrying our burdens for so long, while we have pillaged and raped her, and she is beginning to feel the birth pains of a new beginning emerging. We must raise our thoughts to lift ourselves up to the higher vibrations as the earth is raised also to a higher vibration in the coming Age.

The Divine Guidance spoke to me about my chance to overcome my negativity:

Today is your chance to overcome your negativity. There are many questions coming into your life at this time. Each division is a greater chance for growth. With help from your guardians you can overcome this negative force. Ask for our help and we will be there. Let others face their own challenges - you can help them more by allowing them the right to face their own selves - their own battles.

Remember to ask us in your mind to help, and we will be there. Go forward with strength. We encourage you to go forward. Looking back will achieve nothing. Love self and all else will come to you. Your strength comes from a higher source. Allow it to flow. When you block this flow with your fears, you actually stop your growth, as you prevent us from helping you further. Relax. Try and meditate tonight and we will help you to go into yourself. Let go of grudges. These are a hindrance to the soul. Allow yourself to live each moment to the full. Live each moment in joy. There is much to celebrate in just being alive. Treat this situation as a gift and allow yourself to enjoy it. It is of great benefit. Love what you do and do what you love. Take the best from each moment. Live in love.

We can do something to lift these dark clouds around the planet. We can transmute them with Love. Love is a real force. It is the strongest force in the universe and nothing was created without Love. We can look at a situation where we have been hurt, and say "Well, I was hurt or angry in that situation. I accept that. I am free from that feeling now. I love that part of myself that was hurt. I embrace the child in me that was hurt. I AM Love."

It is important to ask for help by prayer, or requests to the higher forces. Much help is needed on earth at the moment and there are many willing in the spirit realm to help. But they cannot help us unless we ask. By asking for help, we empower them to help us, and they in turn empower us. There are many beings who will come to our aid, depending on what we ask for. We must make sure, however, we ask only to the highest being, as there are low entities who are also willing to help create mischief. We should always go to the top - to God Himself, in our prayers. Because there is no judgement in the higher realms, whatever we ask for will come to us. That is why it is important to ensure we really want what we ask for, because we will get it! Know that it will come, and it will. Do not have doubts of your prayers or requests being answered. They will be answered if we do not invalidate them by doubts.

We should not ask for things to boost our ego. The higher realms will not oblige if what we ask for is not in alignment with our highest good, but is for selfish purposes. We are more than likely to get a nasty surprise if we are not in alignment with our spiritual purpose when we ask.

Once I asked my Divine Guidance for help for a friend who was having some personal problems. The answers came:

Through looking deep within, the answers will be found. She has much guidance which needs to be acknowledged. Too often you ones on planet earth see the illusion for the reality. The truth is in everything. Truth lies buried within the heart. Love is the only true reality. Fear creates judgement. Without judgement there would be no judging of right and wrong, for all would be allowed to just be. Know that God does not judge. All life is experience alone, and learning to love all things because they are, not because they do. This is the true aim of life and the path to peace. All is not as it seems. Your friend has created for herself many judgements which must be released to find peace. . . She must try and let go of the concept of what others think, and shower her love without restraint. All will work out for the better. Lessons are being learned. Remember, Love is truly the only antidote to every ill. Let it shine forth in its true glory.

None is ever alone. There is much help. Your friend is quite psychic and must use discretion. Let love be her guide. We hope this has helped.

Time and again, Divine Guidance points out the importance of Love as being the only answer to our many problems and our many obstacles. The above is no exception. Here also, is expressed the need to use discretion. It is only with Love in our hearts, that we can bring answers from our Divine Guidance, and not from a lower source.

Many is the time I have asked for help in understanding my true purpose in life, the reason I came into this existence. I am getting stronger and stronger feelings that it is to show others the truths I have come to realise. Many books have just come to me as I scanned the shelves of book shops, and I knew they were right. It is an awareness. You seem to just know when something is meant to be for you. I have actually had a book literally fall off the book shelf once, when I was looking at another one. These things do happen, and I believe it is our spirit friends helping us to help ourselves to grow. There is no limit to what we can do. Often we place limits and conditions on ourselves, and this prevents us growing spiritually as much as we might if we 'went with the flow' and took everything that came to us as a step in our growth.

We should not limit the expectations of our prayers or requests. Sometimes we ask for something so specific, and outline how we want it, instead of letting the Universe bring it to us in whatever form it comes. We have to be open to recognise the answers when they come. This is important, as, if we make too many demands we are limiting the potential of the Universe, are not leaving ourselves open to look for the answers in whatever form they come. A friend of mine wanted to sell her house desperately. She was determined to get a particular sum of money for it, and when the chance came for the sale at the exact time she wanted to sell, the money was not up to her expectations, so she refused to sell. She may well have been receiving an answer from the Universe for the immediate sale of her house, but by placing limits on the exact amount of money as well, she was not allowing the Universe its full potential.

It is necessary to go within for the answers when we are confused or unsure about things which happen to us. We should really think about things before we rush into them, and meditate on whether something is right at a particular time. We are told Jesus meditated about whether the time was right for him go to Jerusalem at a particular time, hence his delay in entering that city when he knew what awaited him. By going within, or meditating, we are able to decide when the time is right for particular things in our lives.

So many times I have felt critical of a co-worker for trying to control everything in his path. Little did I realise that what I was seeing was a reflection of how I, myself, am at home. I had been wanting to control things at home, and was frustrated at it all being totally disorganised when my husband was painting the house, and everything was out of my control. Hence I felt miserable and helpless.

If we can just let go of this control - let go and let God - as the saying goes, how much lighter our lives would become. We are creatures of materialism. It is not easy to not have things around us as we wish them to be. It is not easy to have no control of our surroundings, especially when it is our haven after a hard day at work. Sometimes the only way to overcome misery and depression when it comes, is to ask for help from a Higher Source - God, Angels, the Universe, or whoever you feel is your highest power in life.

When you ask for help with a heart full of sincerity, your prayer will be answered. 'Prayers are always answered', we are told. The Universe always answers prayers. It is sometimes our expectations which are not in alignment with the answers when they come, and we must realise not to expect things to be a certain way, because the Universe may answer in a way we least expect. We must be open to whatever answer comes. But help does come. It may be through a dream, or an unexpected person's reply, or through something in the mail, or even through a thought which just pops into your head. But always, true, sincere prayers are answered.

One response I received when I felt I was not helping as much as I should have done came with very direct answers. A little of the response has been deleted as it was a very personal question which was being answered.

There are many you can help. Simply being willing to listen is the first step in helping them. You have a great ability to give to them by showing them your compassion and being ever-ready to offer a response when it is asked.

Every step you take in the direction of learning is a greater step in your own growth. Your own learning is being given ever greater opportunities through the contact you have with others. . . We will provide the answers to your requests. It is all being attended to. Your son will find his job. Have no fear that he won't. Your family are all being looked after. All it takes on your part is love and acceptance, and more love. Never be afraid to give your love. You have much to give and many depend on it, both on your side and on this side. Your wishes will be granted. Have trust in the Universe and in life. Remember that the great I Am is always with you. Love much always.

My son did indeed find a job as promised by my Guidance, and I have no doubt that all my other questions will also be answered. All we have to do is ask.


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