Chapter 1.


Many people can now accept such things as telepathy, psychometry, telekinesis and clairvoyance, yet they have the greatest of troubles accepting the reality of UFO's. Even the noted actress and writer, Shirley MacLaine, in her book Out on a Limb, told of her outright disbelief in UFO's when she was first told about them by her friend and spiritual adviser, David.

I have never consciously, to my knowledge, met a being from another world, yet I have no trouble accepting that they are here. The type of naive attitude that caused people to think that the world was flat, is the same type of attitude that causes people to refuse to face the fact that we are not the only creation of life in the universe.

Maybe it is fear of the unknown that causes this sort of belief. But even our own true nature is unknown to us. If we only knew who we really are. If we could but glimpse the lives we have lived before, the things we have done throughout our existence, and the beauty and total unconditional Love that is our true inner nature! There are many existences in us! We are multi-dimensional and are at present living in many of those dimensions at the same moment. While we sleep, our focus is in an entirely different world, a different space and a different dimension. We are not consciously in the space our bodies occupy at all times. We can travel simply by thought. Our thoughts are far more powerful than we could have ever believed.

It is by thought that we travel to the far reaches of space. It is by thought that we allow desire and sensual feelings to manifest before we engage in making love physically. It is by thought that we create anything that is of value in the universe. It is by thought that the stars were created. It is by thought that we make ourselves who we are. We are our thoughts. We do create our own reality in the way we view and create through our imagination. It is by thought all things came into being. If we didn't think it, it cannot be. Our thoughts are what makes us who we are.

The knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrials is becoming more established as we move into the latter half of this last decade of the 20th century. Too many people have seen, or had contact with extraterestrials in some form or other, whether it be from channelled contact, or through dreams, or through a shift in their reality, for this subject to be ignored any longer. The governments have covered it up too long.

This might come as a shock to many, but our world has been seeded by extraterrestrials! They were our forefathers, our 'gods' of old and our teachers in our 'junior' years. We are now growing up. The time has come to accept who they are and who we are. By knowing ourselves, we can learn to know our extraterrestrial brothers. We are them! They actually seeded life on this planet in no uncertain terms. They have been with us throughout the ages, from the early Atlantean times, Sumerian times, Biblical times and through the Middle Ages. There are countless reports of these 'super' beings throughout our history. We only have to recognise it! Many of us are from extraterrestrial origin! The Gods of Eden by William Bramley gives quite a bit of evidence of extraterrestrial visitors who have been around throughout most, if not all, of our history's most troubled times.

In his book When Time Began, Zecharia Sitchin gives some very detailed evidence that extraterrestrials were in contact with humans throughout the most intellectual times in human history. The first person to bring light on this subject of recent times was Erich Von Daniken in his first book Chariots of the Gods. Von Daniken tried to show that the gods on the cave dwellings were none other than 'space men' of old. He tried to show evidence that the mysterious NAZCA drawings imprinted on the stone covered desert in South America, were only seen from the sky. From the ground it was impossible to identify anything other than lines and piles of stones, but from the air, these markings reveal themselves as images of large spiders, monkeys, birds and other unidentified animals. And these huge drawings had been there for possibly thousands of years! They were made many centuries before sky travel become known in own recent history! No-one has yet disproved him, and in fact much of what Von Daniken tried to expound, has been given even greater coverage by the more 'modern' discoverers.

During the second World War, many blimps were seen on radar which were not explainable as anything the airforce could rationalise. These 'blimps' seemed to move at speeds which no known craft could move, and in many instances were seen by those in the airforce appearing and disappearing right before their eyes. In the 1950's and 1960's, the sightings became more expansive. Because many of them appeared to have a saucer-like shape, they came to be called "flying saucers".

In the 1970's many people witnessed a display of what later became termed "UFO's" above the White House in a very impressive turnout.

To deny these sightings would seem sheer ignorance. Yet that is what the governments did, and have done to this day. The fact was, they had no explanation which they felt would rationalise these occurrences to the people. The governments, had to be the ultimate power, and anything outside of their understanding or comprehension, was not allowed to be leaked to the people. How could they explain it to the people? How could they hope to hold any degree of domination if it became known that they had no weapons or armour against these so called 'aliens'?

So fear was spread throughout the nations of the world. The governments felt it was best to hide what they could not explain. Hence we have a situation today which has induced fear in anyone who has an experience which they cannot explain in 'rational' terms. Any situation which is termed 'abnormal' or unexplainable in so-called 'rational' terms is considered either a product of the imagination, or the person is guilt-ridden behind a web of fear, and the dread of being called insane.

These people have a right to know what is going on. There are extraterrestrials interacting with our world and they are far more than a few. It is time everyone woke up the fact that our ignorance, and that of our governments, has long held us in bondage from finding out, not only about our space brothers, but about who we really are and how we relate to the universe itself.

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