Chapter 2.


This world is not solid. Scientists are now discovering the non-solidarity in objects, as they uncover startling facts about the reality of three-dimensional matter. They have now revealed that even our physical bodies are made up basically of empty space.

This world is existent because we believe it is. It takes thought to create anything, and our beliefs shape our reality in the truest sense.

Those that have experienced things that are 'not of this world' are not alone. Many have faced great unease, and sometimes sheer fear, when forced to face 'other realities'. The amount of people seeing these 'other realities' is far more numerous than one might think.

The entities and unseen 'things' which are in and around the atmosphere that we breathe are many. They may range from invisible germs, to tiny atoms, to spiritual beings. Their reality is no less 'real' for not being visible to the naked eye.

This book is about those who have faced a fear. Those who have come face to face with what we call UFO's or creatures from space vehicles. If this is you, you are definitely not alone. There are many who have been through what you are going through. You are not imagining it. You are not going mad.

Those that have faced a fear of seeing beings which are frightening to them - oftimes in the nature of little grey beings being around your bed at night, or indescribable fears of needles, or fears of your body being invaded - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The amount of feedback which has been forthcoming from people who have had similar experiences is truly amazing. It is proving to be a subject that our scientists would quell at. Yet some interested psychologists and hypnotherapists are now beginning to take this subject seriously.

The dimensions of this world are slipping over from third to fourth and we are beginning to 'see' things which were not even imagined possible some decades ago. People are slipping from one dimension to another and are not seen. Can this be because their vibrations have been altered in some way? If our vibrations are heightened, can we be seen by someone on a lower vibration? I believe not. This is what we are being forced to face. In his book The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield tells how Wil and his friend became completely invisible to the soldiers looking for them, because they raised their vibrations to a heightened state of love. In our changing world we are beginning to see these changes. We are being made to look into ourselves and see who we really are.

What are our fears anyway? Are they fears of facing ourselves? If we can truly look at who WE are, then would we like what we saw?

The trauma which so many are facing, be they a minority or a larger portion of the community, is becoming a strikingly familiar story. We need to look within ourselves and see who we really are. We are our thoughts. If our thoughts and feelings are made up of fear-based thoughts or feelings, that is what we will experience from every situation we face in life. If, however, we can learn to see that we are really an energy called Love, we will find that through this total, unconditional love of ourselves, we can overcome any situation we face in life by holding our self-love and self-esteem above all else in every situation. Once we know ourselves, we will never have a need to fear again.

Those that have faced these fears, like author Whitley Strieber, whose books Communion and later, Transformation, have helped to awaken many, and assisted them in coming to an understanding of who they really are.

Do our souls choose the bodies we have while on earth? That is the million dollar question for some. Yet my belief is that we do.

Souls exist on every plane in the cosmos, and they incarnate in every spectra of the universe. If this is so, can we accept that many of the souls on earth at this time, may be of extraterrestrial origin? It is not only possible, but very likely, that many of the people walking around on earth right now, are actually souls from other planetary systems, maybe experiencing their first lifetime on planet earth. After all, we are all children of the one Creator! We are all souls, and our basic structure is one of Love.
Life is all about experience, and that is exactly what every soul incarnating in a physical body at this time is here to do!

For centuries man's mind has been closed to the possibility of beings from 'out there' even existing, let alone coming to this planet. Yet man once thought the world was flat! Why is it not conceivable that beings of a high intelligence exist in other spheres of the universe? To be sure, scientists have sent out probes, and tried to elicit if there was indeed life on other planets. For mankind has always been curious. But his naive perception of 'life on other planets' has always been that that 'life' was inferior to earth mankind himself.

Isn't it just conceivable that the types of communication the scientists set up, might just have shown the other planetary intelligence that earth man is NOT very intelligent after all! We cannot even read minds! We cannot even travel faster than the speed of light! Why should other intelligences stoop to contact us on a planetary scale, if all they will receive in reply is a less intelligent response in the form of curiosity, aggression and fear from a planet of people who do not even know themselves!

These higher intelligences may just be vibrating at a higher dimension if they radiate from a love vibration. Our fear-based minds are too dense to recognise or even see them! If our minds can learn to accept this higher form of intelligence and come to terms with the idea that there are many different forms of intelligences 'out there', then we might learn to understand other nations and eventually other planetary existences far more easily. Isn't is just conceivable that some of these higher intelligences are vibrating at a higher rate, and hence appear invisible to us? Maybe they have always been here!

By understanding that there is not only intelligent life 'out there' but in and around our very atmosphere, and understand the reason for it being there, it will help many of us to alleviate our fears and come to terms with something that we could not otherwise hope to understand.

The only answer - as is every answer - is to love ourselves, unconditionally no matter what we see in ourselves.

The fears that are being driven to the surface of our minds, are helping alleviate us of all the negative occurrences that have weighed us down both physically and mentally throughout all of our many lives. Once we face these fears, accept them, and acknowledge them, we are bringing light into darkened places, and thereby allowing them to be, without repressing them.

Once these fears are finally allowed to come to light, they can no longer haunt us - they can no longer have a hold over us, or remain in our physical bodies to cause us harm. We are free from negative influences once we acknowledge these fears and realise that, as immortal beings, there is absolutely nothing that can harm us! We are our own worst enemies. Only we have the power to undo any harm we bring upon ourselves.

We can be FREE of our fears simply by knowing that our immortal soul is love, and nothing else is of any consequence. We are not our bodies. These are carriages for our souls in our physical life-times. We have most likely existed, at one time or another, on another planet ourselves. Our physical bodies are undergoing change at this time, but our inner chamber - our immortal soul - can only change when we allow change within ourselves.

It is by experiencing and living through our fears, that we grow. And the extraterrestrials are here at this time to assist us in speeding up that growth as the cycle of the earth undergoes its own crucial changes.

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