Chapter 3.


One of the most common forms of contact has been the little grey alien beings who come at night. They have caused sheer terror which has played havoc with the lives of many people. There is estimated to be around 75% of the people in the United States alone, who believe in alien beings. About 40% of people have had some kind of contact, either by sighting a 'UFO' or by contact with these little greys.

Those who have these fears, feel so alone because they are terrified to tell anyone of what is happening to them. Women have been 'abducted' only to find themselves pregnant. About four months later, they suddenly miscarry. Men have been 'abducted' to find strange marks or spots appearing on their vital parts.

Is it possible that specimens are being taken and used in hybrid experiments? Could it be that women are being used as a receptacle for 'alien' lifeforms? These and many other questions are plaguing the minds of those who are beginning to question what is happening 'out there'.

Questions are being raised by such authors as the regressionist Dolores Cannon as to why people have been finding themselves standing in queues, only to find that when they finally reached their destination, they were not even noticed! They literally have not been seen! Is it possible there is a connection, asked Dolores Cannon, between these people and abductions by UFO's. Could it be that their vibrations have been heightened, or altered, in some way and they have shifted their dimension!

Other abductees have been frightened to go down dark passageways; or of being uncovered at night, even on very hot nights; or had irrational fears of needles; or strange marks appearing on their bodies; or had strange objects being found in their bodies; blood noses and much more.

Some explanation lies in the fact that these little beings are scientists of some sort. They are using humans to experiment with. They seem to be leaving some highly technological device in the bodies of humans which seem to be some sort of 'tracking device'. Yet is this all they are doing?

What about the sexual experiments? Is it possible that they could be using humans to establish a compatible DNA in order to pro-create their race again with hybrids? Could it be that the pain humans face during these experiments is only there own fear or is there more to it?

Who are these beings?
One group of little grey beings are called Zeta Reticuli as they came from a planet of that name which was destroyed many thousands of years ago. They now live on their ships in space, and they feed through the soft tissue that their bodies breathe with, as they take in nutrients from the air.

They are scientific beings whose technology is far advanced compared to ours. They do not understand emotions, and are puzzled by earth human's emotions of fear towards them. They have had their DNA genetically altered over the thousands of years since their planet was destroyed by nuclear warfare. They are trying to breed again.

They have only been able to keep their race alive by cloning. They lost the ability to reproduce hundreds of years ago, and because earth human's DNA is closest to their own, they are using genetic experiments to take sperm and ovum from human 'vehicles' in order to regenerate a hybrid race of human/Zeta beings. This is why some women have found themselves mysteriously pregnant, only to find they miscarry at about 4 or 5 months for no understandable reason. The babies are kept alive in the space craft, in a tube affair of coloured liquid, until such time as they are able to survive on their own. These hybrid races are preparing against loss of all life on this planet in the case of humans destroying the planet through nuclear warfare.

They have already lost their planet through nuclear destruction, and their experiments in sexual procedures were twofold. One was to try and prevent the same thing happening to us as happened to them - their hybrid race would be able to colonise our planet if all life were destroyed; and secondly, they use our DNA because it is closest to their own, and it can help keep their own race alive.

Facing the Fears
The fears these people face are REAL. It is imperative that those who have these fears try and understand what is happening to them.

Before coming into this life, those who are being 'taken for experiments', chose, on a soul level, to help participate in these experiments for the good of all. They do not remember this because it has been 'programmed' out of them by the mores of society and the necessary memory loss which happens to all of us, in order for us to learn what we need to know while in this 'sleeping' state.

The best that people who have had this type of experience can do, is to face their fears - not deny them. They should accept that this has happened to them and begin to wonder why. Once they have began to question the reasons, they will at least be half-way to understanding what is happening.

Many people have been unaware on a conscious level, of even participating in these experiences. Their conscious memory has not become aware of what has been happening to them on the sub-conscious level. They are living 'double lives' as it were, because they have not been aware enough of their inner self, to realise what is happening. The contact has been so traumatic that they cannot face it, and as a sign of mercy by the Zetas, they have zapped it from their memory banks until such time as it is necessary to know. This time will come when it is right. That time is soon.

The other reason for not being able to remember these experiences is for their own safety and protection. The memory would be so traumatic at this time, that people would literally 'go mad' and not be able to cope in society. It is a cushioning of their emotions so that the full trauma does not come into consciousness and cause them to become unbalanced.

Our sleeping state is our sub-conscious state. Nearly every one of us, at some time, has had experiences of being with ET's or on a spaceship, which happen when we are asleep. We are multidimensional beings, and as such are in many places at the one time. The Zetas are just beginning to understand that we are not fully conscious at all times. They are fully conscious beings. We have no idea who we are. We have no idea of our own multidimensionality.

It is through understanding ourselves that we come to know them. They are helping us to understand ourselves. They are helping us release our fears. They are helping us to overcome the 'control powers' that have been forced on our thinking patterns for eons. It is us we have to understand first. Then we will know who they are and why they are here.

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