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Chapter 4.


The most tragic thing that has happened, has been the repression of society and the government, in denying the existence of these 'alien' beings. The government of the United States has far more knowledge of these beings than they have yet admitted. The now well-known case at Roswell in 1947 is one such incident which was quashed from all files and completely denied by official quarters.

It is believed that an alien craft crashed in July 1947 in New Mexico, and those that were involved were all forcibly 'hushed up'. The government called in 'experts' to dissolve the matter as promptly as possible, while at the same time, actually dissecting the crashed alien craft to try and understand its workings. Rumours abound that an alien was taken alive and had communications with the government, making certain agreements which allowed the government to have certain technology in exchange for keeping quiet on the so-called 'abductions'. This has not yet been proven. These aliens appear to have been the same little grey beings who were to become know as the Zeta Reticula.

In his book, Majestic, Whitley Streiber retells the story of Wil, who gives him the 'true story' behind the Roswell Incident of the late 1940's, and relates how the 'beings' kept coming every night and terrified him. Then when Wil, who was narrating the story, was to the point of going completely mad, he began to understand what they were trying to show him. He felt that the fears he was seeing, was what was hidden in his memories, from the atrocities he had done and experienced during the Second World War. It finally left him with a sense of awe and defeat, as he realised there was more to this life than he, or anyone else, could ever contemplate.

These experiences certainly do not leave the recipient unscathed or unchanged. It makes us become aware that there is more to us than we could ever dream of. Our egotistical life in society crumbles around us when we contemplate the immenseness of the universe and the breaking down of all the barriers we have built around us.

Whitley Streiber describes these beings in his book Transformation , as actually helping him to overcome his fears. He has said he had out of body experiences when they were around and it seemed to alter his consciousness. What about those that have suddenly become invisible while standing in a queue or at a shopping counter? Theories abound that it could be because they have had alien contact and their bodies have been altered. It could be that they unconsciously shift into fourth dimension because of this.

Of all those who have had experiences with these 'beings', every one of them has begun at an early age, that is five or six years of age. It may even be that they began before birth. Some believe that there was a soul agreement that was made before choosing to come into this life, and that they carry the memory of this, deep within their cells.

Could this be what the Zetas are trying to awaken us to?

The difficulty lies in not consciously remembering that this agreement has been made. These 'abductions' therefore, would not be abductions at all, but an agreement being carried out between the Zetas and the soul of the person being 'abducted'. The memory banks are so hidden behind layers of accumulative fears, that these fears have to be released to discover our true selves.

Those who are being contacted are, we are told, facing their last lifetime in third dimension. The releasing of their fears, is the releasing of all the accumulative karma which has gathered over many lifetimes. They are being honoured in that they are being given the opportunity to find their own true self once again.

The Zetas are by far not the only source of extraterrestrial contact with us on earth at this time. They are one of many. Because they manifest in third dimension as well as fourth dimension, they are the most visible to us in terms of seeming more physical. What confuses us, is that they can transform themselves from third to fourth dimension instantly, and we think we are 'seeing' things when they suddenly disappear before our very eyes.

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