Chapter 5.


There are extraterrestrials out there, and they are coming to visit us for a variety of reasons. Some are coming for scientific reasons. Some are coming for purely selfish reasons. These are ones who elicit fear in us and are feeding off this fear in the hope of getting control over men's minds.

But some, the larger majority, are here to help us through one of the most poignant, devastating and yet most glorious changes that this earth has seen in its whole history, since the planet was first seeded many millions of years ago.

In the 1960's Eric Von Daniken first introduced the idea that earth had been visited by 'spacemen' from outer space in his book Chariots of the Gods, and sowed the seed in many people's minds that maybe, just maybe, the old ideas in the bible were not necessarily historically correct.

Then came the first space landing on the moon. People began to look long and hard at what they were seeing and wondered if, just maybe, there wasn't some truth to earth being visited by extraterrestrials.

Others recalled during the Second World War, seeing indiscernible flying objects, while they were on route over the Pacific. Sightings of what later became termed 'flying saucers' became more frequent as the 50's and 60's rolled on.

People began to question, and the governments clammed up. They tried to rationalise every sighting as a 'cloud formation', a 'reflection from the sun', a 'weather balloon'. Yet still the true sceptics, as against the 'debunkers', and the general population, began to wonder and question. Maybe there was something 'out there' that they didn't understand!

By the late 70's and 80's some people were reporting contact with 'alien' spacecraft. Betty and Barney Hill became the first such publicised case when they lost missing hours and Betty began to have nightmares which triggered memory flashes. The term UFO became popular with these sightings when they were seen in Washington in formation over the Whitehouse in the 1970's.

Shirley MacLaine opened up the public's interest in her book Out on a Limb, and then came the television show Intruders followed Whitley Streiber's book Communion. People were awakening to the fact that what they had experienced was not so unusual as they had feared. Many were turning to hypnotists to find out what had happened to them. Some were so frightened because what they had experienced was 'out of synch' with anything they could relate to in their normal waking life. Most of these encounters occurred at night, which made them even more fearful than daytime encounters.

By the 80's and 90's a more common form of communication began with channelling. People with the ability to open to 'extraterrestrial' energies were able to bring through some higher insights as to what was actually going on with these contacts. This became more and more accepted, as what was being channelled seemed to make sense. With the advent of tape recorders, these channellings were taped and published into books which made more people aware of what was going on. Some rejected the teachings that came through the channelling sessions, but for those that listened, it opened up pathways which felt like the 'truth'.

Much is now being given to the world in this way. It will not be long before these 'extraterrestrials' come before us in a visible form and begin teaching us the reasons for our existence. They tell us that we know it all - we only have to look inside our own hearts and there, in the depth of our own knowings, we will find our truth.

One of the larger of the groups of 'visitors' are the Pleiadians. These beings are not unlike us in appearance. They could walk this earth and be taken quite easily for one of us. They are beautiful beings, some Caucasion in appearance and others darker like the Asians. They are of a higher vibration than earth people, so appear to us only when they lower their vibrations and allow us to see them.

Barbara Marciniak in her channelled book Bringers of the Dawn, Teachings from the Pleiadians, gave the world a chance to understand the enlightening messages which were being given to the earth at a time of awakening. This was followed by other channelled books by such enlightened beings as Jani King in her Transformation of the Species, and An Act of Faith, which were transmitted from The P'Taah Tapes from the Pleiades.

Truly enlightening teachings, these understandings gave the world a chance to comprehend where we are coming from and where we are going in the universal picture. Barbara Hand Clow also wrote her books at about the same time, with such books as Heart of the Christos, Starseeding from the Pleiades. In it, she was given such prophecy as "...a new dawn will be given, a New World will be born, a new race of people will walk upon the Earth."

If we are to believe what we are told through these channellings, the world is indeed moving towards a New Day - a day when life will become one in brotherhood and peace - a day when mankind will serve the planet in truth and love, and earth men will become one with the great space federation which assists other worlds in living their truth in peace throughout the universe.

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