Chapter 6.


Maybe it is time we put aside the old tale of "Adam and Eve" and came to realise just how much influence these other beings really did have on us 'earthlings'. It is time we understood just how we were seeded in the very beginning, and just how much interaction there has been to this planet from since its inception!

Human history is far more complicated than I could possibly write here. It is far more than we could ever imagine from its roots in the Adamic Kadmon man adhered to in the Cabbala right through to the beginnings of our sixth root race.

Man was first seeded from other planetary beings. That is the first consideration. But it is far more complicated than that.

When spirit originally took form, the souls who inhabited the physical bodies were androgynous. They were both male and female. Then the 'sons of god', as they were known, decided to take the 'daughters of men' and inbreed their own race. From this, the first god-men were born on earth. But how did the 'daughters of men' get there in the first place? They were from the indigenous people of the planet. But were there people on this planet in the beginning? That story goes back a long, long, way. Way before even Atlantis and a long time before the existence of Lumeria. The story of this very early history can be gleaned from W.H. Church's story of Edgar Cayce's Story of the Soul and The New Clairvoyance by Mario Schoenmaker.

To get back to our beginnings with other planetary beings, they were curious about this planet. Many came - from the Pleiadies, from the Sirian star system, from Orion and from numerous other planets.

They found that the original inhabitants of the planet were a primitive being, and they decided to genetically 'play' with, or experiment with, the species. They interacted sexually with the earth women. This new breed of race were slightly superior to the general inhabitants. This is where the old stories in Greek mythology began.

They were scientists and biologists, and tried numerous techniques for altering the DNA of the original inhabitants. Inbreeding also took place with animals in those very early days, and as the genes were not at that time incompatible, races of half-human half-animal beings came into existence. This is where many of our myths of sprang from. They experimented with different parts of the human body, altering it and changing until they had a being who was useful to them as a 'servant' to do their bidding and look up to them as gods. Barbara Marciniak in her books Bringers of the Dawn and Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library gives full explanations of the parts the planetary beings played in this.

Our 'keys' to knowing our true selves, were thrown away - dispersed and dismantled. It is only now that mankind has a chance to undo his past conditioning and begin to know who he is.

It is up to mankind now to see what has happened in our past. It is up to us now to put aside all the old preconceived ideas we were brought up with, which we had thrust upon us, and think for ourselves. It is up to mankind to KNOW who he really is. We are creations of the SPIRIT. We are just as important and just as special as all the gods of old. In fact we have a right to know who we are.

The 'gods' who interfered with us in our early beginnings are returning. They have realised that by keeping us bound to them, they are also binding themselves, and they want to grow too. They want a chance to find their own freedom. It is by releasing us from our bonds that they can find release themselves and grow further.

A small part of those from the planet of Orion who had a hand in the negative influences will be no longer be able to influence us, once this planet has reached its higher dimension. The planet itself is a living organism, and its decision to 'upgrade' as it were, is not in our hands. We have to grow with it, or we will be reborn on another third dimensional planetary system when we leave our bodies.

It is up to us to grow now that the chance has been given to the planet. This chance is an opportunity never before offered to man.

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