Chapter 7


A group of interplanetary beings who have been watching, observing and helping our planet when necessary, are know as the Great White Brotherhood. This is a group consisting of higher beings, some of who have lived on this planet, who have reached a point of higher evolution. They are a part of the many thousands of ships, who have been hovering in our atmosphere in etheric form, to help us when, and if, the time comes for their assistance in transportation of us from the planet.

They are here to assist this earth in its final transition. Many of them work with, or for, what has commonly become known as the Ashtar Command. Many of these beings are several dimensions higher than the third dimension, and work in purely etheric realms. Some are so close to angelic realms that there is little distinction. In many instances, there are those who are closer to the earth in vibration and are able to interact more with the humans on it. Those who are of the higher realms are able to interact through telepathy, and their vibrations are purely those of unconditional love. Those who have had contact with these realms know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the validity of what they have seen and heard.

People such as Tuella, who channelled such books as On Earth Assignment and Ashtar, a Tribute, and Tuieta, who travelled in her light body to the ship and brought through books such as the Letters from Home series, are without doubt, actually contacting our Great White Brotherhood. The validity of what has been channelled is so full of light and love and truth, one is left in a state of heightened vibration.

Many members of the Ashtar Command work with the earth. They have given many thousands of years of their life for just this cause. The being we knew as Jesus the Christ, is known on the ships as Sananda. He is a great being of light and, because of his past association with earth, is able to help the earth people through his understanding.

Many higher beings known as Germain, Monka, Hatonn, Soltec, Sarna, Jokhym, Korton, and many, many others work together to form this Great White Brotherhood.

Their mission has lasted thousands of years. They here to see that the earth, in its transition, reaches the full glory it was always destined to be. The earth's purpose was, and is, to become an intergalactic library. It was designed as such, and chosen by the Creator for the purpose of being a light planet for all its inhabitants. The darker side entered, and hence we have the situation we are in today. But all that is now to change. Light once again is entering our planet, and the changes are inevitable.

We are on the brink of a great New Age of light. Nothing can stop this. No matter how much negative influence has been wrought by the more negative ET's, we are finally to reach our destined goal. The planet will transition into a new Golden Age and become a star among the galaxy.

The Great White Brotherhood is here to make sure it happens. Our destiny is assured. Love will win in the end.

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