Chapter 8.


We are beginning to realise that the only way to know others, is to know ourselves. Until we learn to know ourselves, nothing will fall into place for us.

But knowing goes further than that. Until we love ourselves in total understanding and compassion for all parts of ourselves, we will never find peace, both now and in the future.

True, total, unconditional Love is the only answer.

What all our extraterrestrial brothers have learnt, and are still learning, is all a lesson of love. There IS nothing else.

The universe was created with love. It wasn't until the selfish side of creation, Lucifer and his angels, decided to make an ego separated from the Source that we really knew separation, fear, distrust and greed. All these things came about because of fear - fear of need; fear of want; fear of unworthiness; fear of trust; fear of our ego being hurt.

We thought we were afraid. Because we didn't trust our own selves, we came to believe we couldn't trust others. Because we thought we were limited, we became afraid of 'not having enough'. Because we thought others didn't like us, we became afraid of facing ourselves. It all stemmed from a fear of facing and acknowledging who we really are.

We are immortal beings. Our souls will never die. We cannot not exist! We are seeds of the Creator. We always were and always will be. There is no limit to what we can do. We can become anything we wish, and have anything we desire for. We ARE immortal, unlimited beings.

It is through thought that we create all that we are. If we believe that we can achieve a given task, we can! Nothing, ever can stop us - except our own belief that it can!

What we are being shown by the extraterrestrials who are upon, and near the earth, at this time, is that it is time for us to grow up. We have been through the kindergarten days of small children. We have now reached university level.

Our purpose in being alive is to experience love, and trust and share that love with all other beings - whether they be black, green or yellow! We have a responsibility to show our love to others. We have a responsibility to ourselves. Until we understand that our only inhibitions are because of lack of total self-love, we will never understand the truth behind every living being, and in fact, every living atom in the universe.

The only answer is Love . . .

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