Manual for Advancing Souls

8. You have had many physical bodies.

You are wrong if you think that the physical body you have at the moment is the only one that you have ever had. Is it the same one as you had when you were born or even a few years ago? Of course it isn't! You change the body you have regularly during one incarnation, if you live any length of time at all. It takes seven years to completely change all of the cells of your physical body and it can then be said to be an entirely new body. It is made to a similar blue print each time but it does change with the years.

When you pass on from this life you will discard your body, as you have done many times before in many other lifetimes. The bodies that you discard whether within a life or between lives are no longer of any use to you so you leave them behind and take on a new body.

Just as it does no good to think about your past bodies in any one life so it is also not often advantageous to concern yourself about the bodies you have had in previous incarnations.

Sometimes (although rarely), an infirmity in a previous life can have a lingering effect in a future life. This can be countered by a spiritual therapist.


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