Manual for Advancing Souls

9. You have at least one spirit guide with you.

Everyone has spiritual guides to help them with their mission here on planet Earth. They can be called many names, such as, helpers, messengers of God, comforters, guardian angels etc. They are souls who have learned to be one with all things. They have been through the school that is Earth and graduated. They still have a lot to learn though and one way of doing that is to be a spirit guide to someone who still has to learn the lessons that they have learned, so they return with the soul and in helping them they advance spiritually. If you work with things such as machinery or with numbers etc. then you will have only one or two guides. However, if you are here to work with people then you require three or more. Also, at times where you have to learn a lot spiritually in a short time, you may have many more with you for a temporary period.

You chose your guides from your friends from previous lives and they agreed to help you in this life. They have been with you since before you were born and will be with you after you have passed on from this life. You always have at least one of these guides with you at all times but at quiet times some of them may leave to perform other tasks.

Your guides are the best friends that you have. They want you to succeed, however, they will allow you to make your own mistakes so that you can learn from them. They know that you are here to learn and demonstrate that you have learned. They know that you can learn from both negative and positive experiences. They will help you attract the experiences that you require to learn what you came to learn. They will not do anything for you that you can do for yourself. When you are learning from your experiences they will be right there with you feeding you inspiration. You can sometimes feel when they are very close to you as goose pimples or a shiver up your spine.


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