Manual for Advancing Souls

10. You chose your situation in life to help you with your mission.

Everyone has a mission here on Earth. The family that you were born into was chosen by you so that you could learn certain lessons in your early years that they were most suited to teach you. Your parents agreed to make a body for you that you could use to get around on this planet and to bring you up as they knew how. In some cases it may seem that the upbringing was more negative than positive but you chose it and therefore should have been able to learn from the experiences and become stronger. Your siblings also helped to mould you as you grew up. They are usually people with whom you have shared lives in the past.

Your teachers and school environment are also responsible for shaping you and teaching you many lessons other than academic ones. Your interactions with the other people in your school allows you to learn many of life's lessons. Your friends are chosen by you and attracted to you because they are like you in many respects. They are more like you than not like you. They like many of the same things that you like. As you advance spiritually, only the friends that advance with you will remain close friends. You will find yourself being more often with people, and drawn to people, who are on your level than with those whom you have left behind.

Your job is also a chance to fulfil part of your mission and the interactions that you have and the lessons that you learn can be used to learn about yourself and grow spiritually. It can also give the means to explore other avenues of interest, for example, sport, hobbies, travel etc.

What you see in others, you have in yourself.


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