Manual for Advancing Souls

11. Everything balances eventually.

There is a saying, "What goes around, comes around". What this means is that you reap as you sow, or what you do to someone else will, at some point be done to you. It is a cosmic law that, 'everything balances eventually'. If you think of yourself as a multidimensional being who simultaneously exists as everyone else who exists then anything that you do, good or bad in your eyes, to someone else you are doing to yourself.

This phrase immediately makes you think of the word 'Karma'. However, I look at it more as building up lists of positive and negative events that you have performed. However, they are only positive and negative to you. Everyone has their own version of what is positive or negative to them and they need not be the same as anyone else's opinion.

The Universe dislikes imbalance and therefore everything tends to move towards balance and will balance eventually.


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