Manual for Advancing Souls

14. The physical world that you see around you is not real.

When you move around in your daily life you look at the world but only see a fraction of what is there. Your mind only requires to use part of the information that is out there to build up a picture in your head that is sufficient to satisfy you that what you are seeing is what is really there. Sometimes our minds fill in the picture even when the complete picture is not there. In other words seeing is not always believing.

What you see when you look at the world is your version of reality and it is much less than actual reality. What other people see when looking at the same scene may be very different from what you see or it may be similar but it is highly unlikely that anyone will see exactly what you see.

pits GIF

The sign above illustrates that what you see is not always what is there. As you look at something your mind tends to edit out anything that does not fit into its view of how the world should be. So your consciousness is only fed with information from the world arround you that has already been filtered by your mind. If there appears to be something that should not be there then your mind will often just edit it out and not present it to your consciousness. The sign above has two consecutive 'the's but most people's minds just edit out the second one without them realising.


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