Manual for Advancing Souls

21. It is important to know why you do the things you do.

The life we lead is filled with the things that we do. But why do we do the things that we do? We are motivated by one thing or another to do what we do. Most people work to earn enough money to live. The motivation for work in this case is the money. There is always a reason for what we do and often this reason is the motivating factor. When asked, we often say that we did something because we wanted to or it gave us pleasure etc. This is good motivation. However, some people do things and do not know why they did them. The motivation seemed to be for enjoyment but it did not come. They were left feeling empty because they were not really doing what they wanted. It is possible that they were doing it for someone that they did not know was there.

Many people have negative entities attached to them that have their own agenda. They want you to do things so that they can experience them second hand. Often the entity is so closely attached to the person that they think it is their desire to do the things, so they do them. Then when they do not enjoy the action they realise that it was not what they wanted to do.

People who are open to the thoughts and feeling of others can also be influenced to do things that they would not normally do. An example is a lynch mob. Most people would not want to be part of one but many people get caught up in the mass hysteria and think that it is their desire.


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