Manual for

Advancing Souls

22. Balance in your life is important.

One of the most important things in the Universe is balance. It is important for people who want to advance spiritually to try to attain balance in their life. It is important to exercise the mind and the body and to have balance between their intellectual and spiritual selves.

The person who is all intellect and little feeling is the type of person who always wants things proved to them. Because they are so low in feeling they do not pick up the energies around them. They are often the people who can make great plans but they seldom carry them through to completion.

The person who is low in intellect but high in feeling is the type of person that everyone goes to when they have problems. They pick up peoples problems right away and seem to be able to help everyone else. However, because it is not balanced with the intellect they cannot interpret their own feelings.

When you have a balance between your intellectual and feeling natures everything just seems to click. There is the idea and the path that must be taken (intellect) and the drive to see projects through to completion (feeling). You can accomplish your goals much more easily when you are in balance.


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