Manual for Advancing Souls

31. Learn how to cleanse your aura. Cleanse regularly

In many spiritual teachings there are mentioned techniques for cleansing the aura. Examples involve imagery of violet light or blue fire or columns of white light etc. There are too many to describe them all. I have found two methods that work very well for me.

Speed Cleansing

Close your eyes concentrate on your stomach and visualise a ball of white light.
See the light grow and fill your body and then grow further to fill your aura.
Do this regularly

Physical Spiritual Cleansing - (ALC)

  1. Shake your hands or rub them together to charge them with energy.
  2. Place two fingers of your right hand on the centre of your forehead.
  3. Move your fingers in a circle over this area a few times.
  4. Stop circling with your right hand.
  5. Put the fingers of both hands on your forehead.
  6. Starting with your fingers of both hands touching your forehead, move your fingers over your temples and down the side of your face to your chin.
  7. Shake your hands or rub them togther to charge them again.
  8. Place your fingers of both hands back on your forehead.
  9. move your hands over the top of your head and down to your neck and then round your throat to the front and down a bit so that your palms together with the fingers pointing up.
  10. Shake your hands.
  11. Repeat from step 5 until you feel goose pimples or a chill up your spine or a warm feeling.
While performing this cleansing technique you should also:-
  • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Slowly and rhythmically repeat the following affirmation.
    "In the name of the something positive within me, I cleanse my body and I cleanse my soul."

The 'something positive' could be e.g., Love, Peace, Light, God, etc. Whatever is most positive for you. It can change with time.
This affirmation should be repeated until you stop the physical part.

This technique should be done at least 20 times per day

It should be noted that once you are practised at this technique it can be done mentally, imagining your hands doing the movements but still doing the breathing and affirmations. This way you can close your eyes and cleanse while on a bus or any other busy place.

Places where we most need to be cleansed are all places where there are many people, bars, shops, theatres etc.


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