Manual for Advancing Souls

32. Patience is a virtue.,/p>

In spiritual terms one life is just the blinking of an eye in the span of eternity. We have had many lives and will probably have others. Spiritual growth does not need to be hurried. There is all of eternity for us to learn the lessons that we need to learn. We should not be in a hurry to grow.

Most people judge themselves against others and compare their own accomplishments etc. with those of other people. This is not usually productive although role models can be useful. It is much better to compare your progress against yourself and not with the progress of anyone else.

Even a little spiritual advancement is better than none. If you are reading this then you are already well on the path and should be content with where your are. You should learn to be patient with yourself. All experiences in life can teach you things about yourself. With patience you can use your experiences instead of fighting them.


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