Manual for Advancing Souls

33. What you think of yourself is very important. What others think or say about you is unimportant.

When you think a thought about something you give it energy and that thought has an effect. Therefore what you think about yourself is important. Your opinion of yourself is very important because that is how you will be. You should learn to love yourself. However, most people do not even come close to loving themselves. Some people even despise themselves. It is important to look at yourself and see what you have accomplished so far in this incarnation. If there is an attribute about yourself that you dislike then make it a goal to change that attribute to one that you do like.

What other people think of you usually reflects what you think of yourself. However, we are seldom willing to acknowledge that this is the case. If you can learn to love yourself then this will reflect in your energy field and other people will pick up the strength of your aura. It is not really important what other people think of you as their thoughts of you have little effect on your aura compared to the effect your thoughts have on your energy field.

To really love yourself the way that you should you have to really know your Self. That is, not your ego or self with a small letter 's' but your Higher Self. The part of you that is one with all things. It is the real you, the part of you that is unconditional Love, the part of you which does not judge others or yourself. It is the part which knows that no one can hurt you or lessen you. It is the part of you which has a connection to all knowledge. It is at peace with the universe because it knows that everything is connected and that we are all one.

However, to know your Self in this way requires you to really look within. You have to examine your life and see what makes you happy and what does not. You need to look at your life as a spiritual path and where things have worked well for you that is where you were on the right track. The universe will always help you when you are working towards completing your missions here on Earth. When you are working against your mission, the universe will throw up obstacles which tell you that you are on the wrong path. All experiences can be used as learning opportunities. If we learn the lesson that the experience is there to teach then we advance spiritually. The more we advance spiritually the more we know who we really are and of what we are capable. The more we know our real Selves the more we realise how wonderful we all really are. It is difficult not to love yourself when you gain this realisation. Not only do you love yourself but you realise that we are all one and you learn to love everyone else too.


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