Manual for Advancing Souls

41. You are as God created you

Everyone is an eternal thought of God. Therefore you were created by God and you were created perfect. You are still perfect as it is not possible for you to alter what God has created perfect. You may think that you are not perfect but you can only see the small picture. If you could see the big picture and where you fit in creation you would see that you are perfect for the part for which you were created.

You may not remember how wonderful you are and you may not realise how powerful you are but that is only because you have forgotten these things. When you first take the spiritual path you start to learn about yourself from your experiences. Once you have been on the spiritual path for a while you can look back on your journey and see all the things that you have experienced and the things that you have learned about yourself. After a long time on the spiritual path you know so much more about yourself than you ever thought possible. Before you learn things you think that they are beyond your abilities and after you have learned them you realise that they are so easy and you wonder how there could ever have been a time when you could not have known these things.


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