Manual for Advancing Souls

42. How can you judge others when you do not know your own karma, let alone that of other people.

One of the first lessons that you learn is not to judge others. No matter how much a person appears to deserve being judged it is best to avoid the temptation. People are motivated to do certain things for a multitude of reasons. Not everyone has the same value system. Our values are usually programmed from our culture. However, cultures vary so what is bad in one culture may be good in another. Also people's preferences can vary. When you do something to one person they may like it and another may dislike it. There is no sure way of knowing beforehand whether your actions will be taken as positive or negative.

When we come into a life we bring with us the karma of other lives. We also often bring with us some of our habits from other lives. Our culture could have been very different in other lives and therefore we may find that the culture of this life is not to our liking. This is also true for everyone else therefore when someone does something we should try to remain nonjudgemental as we cannot know that person's karma. We have not lived that person's life so we don't know what motivates them to do the things they do.


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