DEATH - the transition from life to life.

2. Have no fear of death.

Many people think that death represents their end. They think that when the body dies that is the end of everything for that person. It is true that the body does decompose and return to the components from which it was built. However, the energy that powers that body and the intelligence that governs that body were not built from these components and do not return to the earth. Instead they return to the Universe where they were created. As it is energy, with a unique vibration, it cannot be destroyed. Your state of consciousness survives death of the physical body. At the end of every incarnation that you have had, you have sloughed off the old body and moved out into the Universe to continue your spiritual life. People who realise this do not fear death. They look on death as a transition from one state of being to another.

Think of who you are. Ask yourself the question, "who am I?" or "what am I?" These questions should make you feel that you are special, and indeed you are special. How can you suddenly cease to exist? This is you we are talking about. Inside we all know that we will survive and have survived death of the physical body many times.


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