DEATH - the transition from life to life.

6. Learn as much as you can about yourself while you are here.

Your purpose for being here is to learn about yourself. This is how we grow spiritually. There is so much about yourself that do not know. You underestimate your own abilities. I am always amazed when teaching people spiritual techniques. Beforehand I tell them what they will be capable of and most do not think they will succeed. After they have learned and practised the technique they are usually surprised how easy the technique has become and find it hard to understand why they were unable to do such simple things before they were taught.

There are many techniques to help you learn about yourself. Meditation techniques are probably the best place to start. The more you can learn about yourself before you pass on from this life the greater your spiritual awareness. The main things that you are here to learn are the things that require a physical body and a physical environment and multiple levels of consciousness in the people around you. What you see in others you have in yourself so you can often use this to learn about your own attributes.


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