Techniques for Spiritual Growth.

Positive Energy Ball

  1. Shake your hands a few times to energise them.
  2. Hold your dominant hand in front of you with the palm facing upwards
  3. Look at the palm of your hand.
  4. See white light energy flowing from your third eye to the palm of your hand
  5. See this energy growing into a ball of energy about the size of a tennis ball or a little larger
  6. Know that this energy is pure positive energy
  7. Clench your fist around this ball and squeeze the energy into the palm of your hand and know that this energy is traveling up your arm and into your whole body
  8. Repeat 3 to 7 twice more

This technique will change your energy from being negative to being positive in a very short time. It does help to repeat the phrase "I am positive" while doing this technique.

You can do other things with this ball of energy apart from squeezing it into yourself. You can throw it at animals whom you think are feeling down. Also it can be transferred to people who are feeling negative. They should request this first or at least you should have their permission.


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