Techniques for Spiritual Growth.

Scrying Water

Scrying water or water gazing is best done with a dark coloured bowl, at least at first. The room should not be brightly lit; one candle, preferably behind you, is sufficient. Ask the question and gaze into the water rather than at the surface. Do not be perturbed if the water appears to go cloudy. You should be using your third eye here and not your physical eyes. No matter what you see, it should be recorded and also any feelings that come to you. Sometimes you will seem to receive knowings rather than or as well as visions. Sometimes it will be as if you hear something while scrying; record everything. Interpret all of these in an attempt to answer the question. Sometimes it helps to burn some fragrant oil or incense while scrying. It takes a little experimenting to find an oil or incense that suits you best.


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