Techniques for Spiritual Growth.

Tea Leaves

After the person has finished the tea have them hold the cup by the handle and swirl the leaves around the bottom a few times and then immediately turn the cup over onto the saucer or a small plate. Leave the cup sitting for a few minutes. lift the cup and examine the leaves. Hold the cup in front of your eyes with the handle uppermost. As you slowly turn the cup, see the inside like the face of a clock with 1 to 12 round in a clockwise direction. Between 12 and 1 is the most immediate future and between 11 and 12 is the most distant future that can be seen at that time.

The tea leaves are props. They act as a focus and help the reader to discern the future but they don't do the work. When looking at the pattern of leaves in a tea cup it is important not to be unduly influenced by what you physically see. It is more important to relate the feelings associated with what you see. You do not use your physical senses, you use your spiritual gifts. The physical senses are for monitoring the physical world and your spiritual gifts are for monitoring the spiritual world. You can monitor both the physical world and the spiritual world because your are living in these two worlds at the same time. However, until you get good at reading tea leaves it is sufficient to look for patterns in the leaves that resemble something that you recognise.

While doing this, tell the person all that you see and feel regarding the reading. Even if it makes no sense to you, the person, for whom you are doing the reading may understand more than you do as the reading is for them. Try to give them an idea about timescale, that is, how far into the future you think you are looking. At least give them the correct order of events as you see them.


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