Techniques for Spiritual Growth.


Forgiveness is extremely important for spiritual people. There are various different techniques to use forgiveness. There is no perfect technique for everyone but they are all good in some respects and therefore you have to find the best one for you. The method that I often use is to think of someone or some situation that I feel I need to forgive. I then imagine that my stomach is full of white light energy from the most loving thought that I can think. I then think of the person or thing and imagine the Love and white light energy moving from my stomach to them. I do this with the knowledge that I am doing this for myself as harbouring any negative feelings towards anyone or thing can only be bad for me and can hold me back, and the forgiveness can help me towards further spiritual growth. All of the positive energies help you grow and harbouring the negative ones holds you back.

Love is for_giving. That is the purpose of Love.

Miracles are happening all the time but without forgiveness there could be no miracles.


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