Levels of advancement or evolution of the soul.

a) The animal

A person with this state of consciousness lives by their instinct much of the time. The intellect is poorly developed. They cannot read or write well; often not at all. They have no interest in anything remotely intellectual. This is balanced by a low level of feeling awareness. Therefore most of the time they are in a balanced state of consciousness. This low level of awareness is often compensated by large physical size or physical strength or cunning or some other useful animal attribute. People with this state of consciousness can increase their awareness, and because of their balance everything seems to fall into place for them. As they learn however, it is important that they maintain a balance between their intellect and feeling natures. It is unusual that they succeed in this without the guidance of a counsellor / teacher. When teaching them it is important not to give too much too soon and to take great pains to see that they supply their own answers. Never give them answers directly. Always prompt them until they realise the answer themselves. This is the only way to make sure that they get the information at the correct pace for them. Simple concepts to you may be too much for them to grasp. The key when dealing with people of different states of consciousness is to respect them for where they are on the evolutionary scale and proceed slowly. Do not be surprised if it takes people of this state of consciousness a whole lifetime to understand one simple piece of information or concept.

Topics to cover if possible

  1. The world - the universe - God.
  2. Living things - life - energy.
  3. The 5 physical senses - what they are.
  4. The 4 spiritual gifts - what they are.
  5. How to read.
  6. How to write.
  7. Simple arithmetic.
  8. Discuss various feelings.
  9. Positive & negative.

John's Story

John was happy most of the time. He was tall, which was an advantage when growing up because few people poked fun at someone as powerful as he was. They would normally pick on someone smaller and weaker, pushing them around and generally having fun at their expense. This behaviour of the others was not something that John even noticed. He was totally unaware that anyone was unhappy or being treated any differently from himself.

Friends, of which he had many, were often inviting him to play games and sports with them. His powerful build meant that he was a natural athlete and if John was in your team you automatically had an advantage. It wasn't only his physique that was an advantage it was also his enthusiasm, his boundless energy, his competitiveness, his determination to win. Because he was so successful in these activities he was very popular.

His height and build were not unattractive to the opposite sex and even though his facial features were not very beautiful he was still admired and loved by many desirable females. He was aware that he had the attention of many females but he didn't notice that many of the other males were without female company.

When he thought about himself he usually thought about the things that others would say. That he was big and strong and fun to be with and wonderful. He believed all of the opinions that other people had of him but he did not have any opinions of himself which did not come from someone else. He did not really know himself.

Most of his day was spent looking for food and eating. He was therefore happy most of the day because it made him happy to look for food, which of course was all around and very easy to find and he enjoyed eating very much which was just as well because he had to eat a lot to keep up his weight. There was only one food and it was always the same shape and always the same size and always smelled and tasted the same but once or twice he had noticed that there was a slight difference in the texture. This upset him enormously and he did not eat those pieces of food, but it made him happy to realise that this had happened to him only twice that he could remember. The problem being that he could not remember very far back. He knew he had lived longer than he could remember but he did not know how much longer.

He never ventured far from where he lived because he liked where he lived and he was not sure if he would like being somewhere else. He liked his home and his friends and the females that chased him. He preferred to eat and play games and take part in sports than to wander somewhere else. Even the thought of going somewhere else was not one that he liked and so he stayed home, happy and safe in a known environment. Each day was therefore much like the previous day in that nothing different ever happened. The day was always the same length, the light was always as bright, the food was always there to be found and eaten, the temperature was always exactly the same. The same people were always around and the games and sports were always the same ones. Having everything remain the same made John very happy.


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