Levels of advancement or evolution of the soul.

b) Sub-Intellectual - There are 3 basic types.

I. Physical

People with this state of consciousness still have a lot of the animal level in them but they have learned enough to have moved up to this level. They are, however, unbalanced on the intellect side and therefore need to develop their feeling nature more. They are often people who work hard for a living, often manual labour, but never seem to get anywhere. They are usually of average intelligence or less and coupled with the lack of balance in their state of consciousness, things always seem to go wrong for them. Sometimes the lack of balance manifests in physical and/or mental abnormalities or illnesses. They often have hard lives and this usually reflects on their faces. In women this can result in them becoming hard, often with a tough expression on the face. If they can learn to tune in to their feelings, trust their feelings and use their main gift then a balance can be obtained.

Topics - It is not necessary to cover all topics.

  1. Orientation profile as outlined by the Inner Peace Movement (IPM).
  2. Work on feeling nature - gently.
  3. Talk about four gifts - demonstrate the experience of each.
  4. Emphasise the importance of trusting feelings.
  5. Very short (2 - 3 minute) meditations.
  6. Discussions about psychic experiences.
  7. What is God ?
II. Feeling

People with this state of consciousness are often fat, happy people. They are often poor because they haven't the intellect to hold down a well paid job. They are unbalanced on the feeling side so they can tune into their feeling nature to a certain degree but, because it is not balanced by the intellect, they cannot interpret what they are feeling. They need to learn about the world around them.


  1. Basic reading.
  2. Basic writing.
  3. Basic arithmetic.
  4. Living things and life.
  5. Practice at interpreting feelings.
  6. The Universe - God.
III. Balanced

When a person with the sub-intellectual state of consciousness has a balance between the intellect and the feeling natures the world becomes a wonderful place. They always seem to get what they want, be in the right place at the right time, have enough money, health, good friends etc. They can also advance very efficiently and reach the next level by learning from their experiences and learning about themselves and their abilities. It is when they learn more about who they really are that they advance to the next level.


  1. Solving life's problems.
  2. "What can I do now that I couldn't do before?"
  3. "What am I?"
  4. "Who am I?"
  5. Trusting feelings.
  6. Being positive.

Jim's Story

Jim was old now but he could remember his childhood as if it were yesterday. He had always had a yearning to see fair play, in games, in sport and in life. And yet he always seemed to be confronted with situations that seemed to be unfair. There always seemed to be someone in games and sports who wanted to win so much that they would use unfair tactics to do so. People would use unfair advantages to gain points. This also seemed to be reflected in life.

Life seemed unfair to Jim. He had always tried to be a good person. He always thought of the feelings of others before saying or doing anything but it seemed that no-one did the same for him. And these people who always put themselves first seemed to be much happier than he was: that seemed to be very unfair. He was always polite and helpful to others but no-one ever seemed to be polite and helpful to him.

His work had not changed at all in his life. He started work as a gardener at a very young age. It was a large house with many gardeners. He always seemed to get the worst jobs to do. At first he told himself that it was just that he was young and new to the job but when newer and younger gardeners arrived at the big house he realised that he was still getting all the worst jobs to do.

He didn't say anything because he didn't want to upset anyone. As time went by he thought he would be in line for promotion but it was always someone else who was given the extra responsibility and the step up the ladder of promotion. He always seemed to be left behind and on-one else seemed to notice how unfair it was. He kept telling himself that there must be some very good reason for him being overlooked and he said nothing about it to anyone.

He always seemed to have one illness or another and just when he had recovered from one illness he would be taken ill by something else. He thought this was very unfair. Every time he planned to do something he would be taken ill or if he was due to go somewhere he would always be too unwell. To Jim it seemed as if the world were conspiring to be unfair to him. The whole universe seemed to be against him. He just accepted that this was his lot in life. He never learned anything from these situations he just repeated over and over that life was unfair.


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