Techniques for Spiritual Growth.


This is best done when you do not know who is handing the object to you, either an unknown person or one of a number of people handing you an object when your eyes are closed.

  1. Sit relaxed with your eyes closed and your hands palms up in your lap.
  2. Instruct a person to place an object in your hands which they have had in their possession for a long time.
  3. Relate everything that you see in your mind, think of, hear in your head and also any feelings that you have while holding the object.
NOTE You may pick up some thoughts and feelings etc. that seem meaningless to you but keep talking as much as possible about what is in your mind and you may be amazed at how much is relevant to the owner of the object. This technique develops your gift of feeling. It gives you the experience of learning to tune into another person's vibrations to discern what you are feeling. Every object a person has in their possession becomes magnetised by their vibration.

Sometimes, while practising psychometry, the feelings associated with the object are vague and don't seem to bear much relevance to anything recognisable to the owner of the object. On other occasions the opposite is the case and intricate details can be discerned. One day, while a group of friends were practising, one teenage girl was surprised when told that the reader could see a black and white dog. He was able to describe it in great detail and she confirmed that she did, in fact, have a black and white dog which exactly matched the description.


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