Techniques for Spiritual Growth.

Regrouping the Day.

At the end of each day you should ask yourself these questions
  1. Who have I been working for today ?
  2. Who benefited from my activities today ?
  3. Who helped me today ?
  4. Who did I allow to hold me back today ?
  5. In whom did I see aspects of myself today ?
  6. What did I achieve for myself today ?
  7. What worked well for me today ?
  8. What did not work well for me today ?
  9. What, if anything, would I do differently next time ?
  10. What did I learn today ?
  11. Where did my success lie today and why ?
  12. Where did I like being today and why ?
  13. Where did I dislike being today and why ?
  14. Where did I want to be today and why ?
  15. Where do I feel I am now on my path of spiritual growth and why ?
  16. When did I feel good about myself today ?
  17. When did I feel positive today ?
  18. When did I feel loving today ?
  19. When did I feel knowledgeable today ?
  20. When did I feel powerful today ?
  21. How many opportunities did I allow to pass me by today ?
  22. How do I feel about the quality of my life today ?
  23. How have I made spirituality practical in my life today ?
  24. How do I feel about my relationships with other people today ?
  25. How do I feel about my day ?

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