Techniques for Spiritual Growth.

Thought Transference

  1. For this you need a partner.
  2. One of you sends and the other receives.
  3. The sender will mentally project a thought to the receiver to lean right, left, backwards or forwards.
  4. You stand facing each other, feet slightly apart, take a deep breath and relax and leave your jaws unlocked.
  5. The sender decides which direction to move the receiver.
  6. They focus on each others third eye (centre of the forehead).
  7. The sender projects mentally which direction he will move his partner.
  8. When the sender senses the receiver is relaxed, he snaps his fingers and the receiver closes his eyes.
  9. He projects the direction mentally and coordinates movements of the hands and body, without straining.
  10. Move your hands gently and slowly until the receiver responds.
  11. As soon as the receiver responds, whether correct direction or not, the sender snaps his fingers again and the receiver opens his eyes."
    (i) To send backwards
    Lean back and at the same time move your hands with a pushing forward motion.
    (ii) To send forward
    Lean forward and move your hands towards you with a pulling motion.
    (iii) To send right
    Lean right and move your hands across in front of the receiver from the receiver's left to his right.
    (iv) To send left
    Lean left and move your hands across in front of the receiver from the receiver's right to his left.
  12. After 3 or 4 times, the sender tells him how many he got right. You can switch roles after you have tried it several times.
In this technique, sending the thought represents the intellect, the body movement represents the feelings and the hands represent communication. In learning this technique, it is very important that you experience sending and receiving 3 or 4 times so that you can learn to coordinate all 3 facets. This technique helps you learn to discern what is happening in your environment. It lets you experience coordinating and directing your thoughts and feelings. Do not be dismayed if you or your partner do not always move in the direction indicated by the sender. Any movement in any direction shows some response. It is just that some people resent or at least do not like being told what to do and they rebel against the direction given by moving in another direction. Once they have learned to relax with themselves and have gained some confidence when dealing with others they will move more often in the direction indicated by the sender.

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