The keys to manifesting money and abundance

There are in your world two big problems, mystics traditionally meditate, "do nothing" and wait for the universe to "happen". Many "new" new age people learn that they create their reality and need to "trust", so they quit their jobs because they hate them, and sit in their apartments/homes meditating and waiting for the universe to "create" for them. Rationalists DO, DO, DO and never really evaluate, because you ARE what you do. People who believe in the Christian god learn to let go and let god, and people who don't believe in god, never LET go of anything.

Now there is a better way, the magical way, the way of balance. You need to mediate, and DO. You need to trust, and Do. You need to evaluate and let go. You need to use all of yourself, all of your skills that was the way that was intended. Why did "god", the universe, whatever give you a mind if NOT to use it? Why did you get intuition if there wasn't a place for it? So how do you manifest in reality? What is the proper balance, how do you create what you wish to create?

First of all, you DO meditate. Actively meditate, actively look at yourself and what needs to be done and what more, actively look at WHY you want something. If you want a car-is it really a car you want or is prestige what you want? Is it a car you want or is adventure you want? Is it a car you want or is to impress your neighbors and your boss are work? What you want, if it is outward, is a SYMBOL for something inside. Think of what you want, but more importantly think of the WHY you want it, become aware of the want.

Second, evaluate if the symbol is actually a good fit with what you want. To put it more plainly, if it is a car that you are wishing for and you wish for that car to gain prestige with your boss, ask yourself if that is ACTUALLY a good way to create prestige with your boss. Possibly it would be better to show up at work on time? Or maybe to dress better or maybe XXXX. Ask the universe for advice here. What is the best way to create XXXX FEELING in my life? It will answer you and show you the path.

Thirdly, RESPOND to what the universe "tells" you to do. If you get a strong impulse to suddenly go shopping at the new Mall, and you go there and there is a great clothing shop, and it has super suits for 75 % off and YOU WANT intuitively to buy them. Evaluate whether this is indeed a true impulse and NOT something you feel you should do or NOT something you feel guilty about and then ACT. You also have to work with the universe. You have to ACT. Next you might have a feeling as you are walking through this mall to buy a cuckoo clock, a beautiful cuckoo clock. Buy the clock, maybe you need to keep better time, and show up at work on time.

Fourth, TRUST. Even if you do buy the suits and the cuckoo clock, you STILL have to wear the suits more then once and wake up when the cuckoo, cuckoos at 6 a.m., and then go to work. It may take a few months before your boss "sees" and recognizes the new you. If at this time you get "frustrated", if at this time you quit, then you may have to start the process all over again. For example, let us say that you wear the suits to work for an ENTIRE week and your boss doesn't notice, so you go back to wearing T-shirts and Blue jeans. Your boss might think that you had to go to a funeral for a week, or even that you were applying for other jobs. The boss needs to time to get accustomed to the new you. As well, there is the possibility that what will happen will be the reverse of what you requested. Let us say you want your boss to respect you. You meditate and meditate upon this, then RIGHT after you mediate, upon his request YOU GET FIRED. Well, you might say to yourself, "that sure didn't work". In "reality", and we use that term loosely, maybe you could not EVER have gotten that boss to respect you, so the universe created an environment where you have to find a NEW job where the BOSS will respect you.

This brings us to the fifth step, try and see during the time of patience, the situation you are in the midst of as one of your own creation. For you DO create your own reality. EMPOWER YOURSELF. Try to meditate upon why you may have created the situation that you are facing. Once you see the lesson behind what you have created, the problem goes away and what you want is "THERE" for you. Accept that you do create your own reality and have power in a circumstance in spite of the fact that it may seem otherwise. For example, in the above situation where the individual meditated upon gaining his bosses respect and then was fired. Possibly that individual needs to reflect on why he was in an environment that didn't respect him. Did he respect himself? Did he take a secondary job because he wanted the money and had no love for what he was doing? Related to this idea, is that for every problem or belief that you are facing within yourself there is a reason that initially you needed that idea, thought or belief and it may be easier to hold unto the problem than face the solutions. In other words possibly it is easier to take the disrespect from the above example boss, than to face why you do not currently have self-respect or self-esteem.

As you can see, both sides of the brain are needed and necessary. It is important to let go as well as to evaluate. It is important to empower yourself as well as work with the universe. It is a balance between the two sides of who you are. And balance for one person is not the same as balance for another. Balance, is a personal thing, but each of you has a center, a core self. When you operate from this sense of self you are in balance, and things flow well with you, you are at peace. When you are OUT of balance, you are unhappy or upset. If you react when you are upset, then you create more upset. Many times it is much better to simply step back from a situation and find that center self, before you act. When you act "in balance" you create more "balance" in your life. Fighting or resisting a situation only causes more and more pain. Resistance and fear is pain. Learn to love and accept every situation that you face. It is there for a reason, learn the reason, learn the lesson and the situation disappears. But as we said before many times, it is easier to simply say I can't solve this problem, I am a victim of my circumstances, than to face the situation head on through acceptance. It is easier to keep the problems than face the solution.

The following are ideas, thoughts, and concepts to guide you, to think or rethink an issue or problem in your life.

1)  When faced with an overwhelming problem, think back to the times you felt the same way. Then realize each and every time the problem brought a gift. That, in essence, things worked out for the best for everyone involved. This will help you keep your cool and look at the problem with your mind, not your fearfulness.

2)  Don't get caught up in the short term time frame. Imagine your situation as an episode on television. Imagine yourself as the star of the script. Watch the drama. This provides emotional distance from the problem and, many times, needed insight into the problem.

3)  Imagine yourself in a comedy. Plato describes comedy as a group of errors. Imagine yourself in an I Love Lucy comedy-and the errors around me as some past authors jokes. This helps me to distance myself, laugh, and find compassion for the individuals who caused the errors.

4)  Your emotions are your own - they are only as dependent on circumstances as you allow them to be. You can be happy in any circumstance if you let yourself. Circumstances don't matter, just your perception of and reactions to them.

5)  Remember, you are never the victim of any circumstance unless you choose to be. To be a victim is simply an attitude. To be a winner is also just an attitude. But what a difference your attitude makes!

6)  Change always has and always will exist. Resistance causes pain. Anger causes pain. Change is the only certainty of existence.

7)  Anger, impatience, frustration, and depression all stem from feeling powerless. You are only as powerless as you choose to be in ANY situation. When you react because of anger, frustration etc., you create even more anger and frustration in those around you. You also tune out answers. You don't expect to find the answers so your aren't open to them.

8)  Power ultimately comes from within. It is your circle of influence. The more powerful you feel, the faster your circle of influence increases. The more powerless you feel, the faster that feeling increases.

9)  Emotion stems from belief. Depression usually stems from inaccurate and exaggerated beliefs.


10)  Strive for excellence in yourself and those around you.

They may hate you momentarily, but remember you are ultimately doing them a favor by making them grow. Also, you get what you expect, if you expect excellence you're going to get a lot more of it.

11)   Use vision. Vision inspires both yourself and those around you. Your vision and your dreams are ultimately the same thing-or they should be. Never give up on these dreams/visions. Giving up on them creates lack and emptiness. Fighting is success alone.

12)  Realize your relationships are many times symbols. A mate is a symbol for what you want to be or what you think love should be. A friend is your version of comfort. A boss is a symbol for authority etc. Many times there are three points to a relationship between two people, the third (and often ignored point) is the symbol. Attempt to see the person beyond the symbol.

13)  I am what I think I am. No more and no less. People only define me as much as I let them. You can call a diamond a chair, but that doesn't make it so. People rarely see diamonds in their mists. Someone can only be wonderful (an expert, a genius) when they are away from us.

14)  Problems ALWAYS exist. Fighting them or ignoring them doesn't work, only successfully confronting and acknowledging brings change. Problems are gifts or presents to be opened, The longer I fight problems the longer I fight the resolution.

15)  You ultimately know within yourself what the answer to a problem is. If you don't, research it. When you look long enough, with enough faith, it will make itself known.

16)  You may not want to know how to solve a problem-the problem could be easier to bear than the answer. Every problem exists for a reason. Fixing the problem may mean letting go of the benefit in the first place.

17)  When looking at a problem, look at the emotions you find within yourself, look at the beliefs behind them. Many times what you need to do to rid yourself of the problem is to change the belief.

18)  Lots of times, people don't want to look at their beliefs because that means they are wrong. Instead, a belief is rather like a change of clothes. The wardrobe works for awhile, teaches you something, but unless you change it, it will harm you. In essence, you outgrow beliefs like a child outgrows clothes

19)  Boredom is dangerous. Problems can be created simply because people need dramas or challenges. If you don't (as a manager) provide challenges, they will create dramas. The difference between a drama and a challenge is a drama constantly recreates itself in the endless cycle. Whereas, challenges lead to growth or change.

20)  The first cause may not be the real cause of a problem.

Causes themselves are many times circular, not linear. A doesn't necessarily lead to B, B doesn't necessarily lead to C. A could lead to B and B to A, in an ever present cycle.

21) If you can't understand or see something in a different way, you're stuck. Use the Zen concept of Beginning Mind. Imagine yourself seeing it for the first time. This is the problem of experts, they know too much to see what's in front of them. Redefine the question. Redefine the problem in different terms. Finally seeing something from the inside out... the reverse of it can help you to begin seeing it differently.

22)  The simple always rules over the complex. If it's too complex it won't work. Make It Simple.... Simplicity is elegance.... simplicity is grace... simplicity is beauty. People respond to grace, beauty, and elegance.

23)  Imagine the best case outcome or scenario in the situation.

Then imagine what it would take to create that outcome. It is important to concentrate on what you want, instead of what you don't want. What you focus on you ultimately get.

24)   If all else fails, and you've tried EVERYTHING, leave it alone for a while. Worrying about something doesn't fix it and often interferes in the solution process.

25)  Life is a lesson-LEARN. But, life is also a process. The process is important, not the end. After all, all of life and death itself is simply a process.

26)   Stress only exists in the future and in the past. If you feel stressed, concentrate on the present, the Here and Now.

27)  Success is more difficult and involves more pressure than failure. Many times people sabotage themselves for this very reason. The more successful you are, the more successful you have to continue to be. Also, the more successful you are, the more visible you become. That visibility often brings as much pain as pleasure. A friend of mine once said "The more successful you are, the more debt you have and the more times people want to sue you".

28)  There is no good or evil, there is just ignorance, anger, and different viewpoints (belief systems). Attempt to place yourself in the other person's shoes/moccasins/boots/ etc. Imagine yourself in a philosophy class and debate the other person's viewpoint.

29)  The Laws of Money


31)  The more you concentrate on the outcome, the more control you lose. You make what you do "not count" and other people's opinions and external wants that you "can't control" more important than your own work. You lose your internal psychological support system. You give external events power over what should be the "internal events" of your life.

32) You are what you imagine, believe, think, feel and do. If you imagine you're an actress and "act' once a day on that belief, then indeed you are an actress. Eventually, you will in some sense have your talent recognized, but the recognition doesn't come first. The belief, thinking, and actions do. If you only pursue the Recognition, you lose power in the situation. You give your identity to others. Others who may or may not be reliable.

33)  The only things you can take with you are love and knowledge. These are the things of ultimate value. Everything else is just dust in the wind.

34) People who have near death experiences report that they realize there is nothing to fear. Basically, if there is nothing to fear in death, what is there to fear about life? Gives you a new perspective doesn't it?

35)  Love is something you feel. It transforms you and it happens to you. It can happen with another person, it can not but basically it is something you feel, something that changes and reforms you.