Probable Realities

One thing that will help you to understand the concept of non-attachment better, is the "fact" that there are hundreds of realities and hundreds of yous for each and every moment of your existence. We have spoken of this before, but we believe this is one of the more difficult concepts to "take" in.
Most of you view yourself as what you view in the mirror. You identify yourself with your body. It is difficult to sense that is more to you then your body, because you see the body and the personality and spirit as being all of one. You look into that mirror in the morning as you shave or brush you hair and you believe that is yourself. The concept or idea that there are hundreds of yous, that are also looking to the mirror in the morning and also put on make-up or shave is extremely difficult to comprehend.

For Samantha we have "designed" an exercise to help her "touch" these other selves. If you have ever been in a bathroom, where there are two drug cabinets that are covered by mirrors. You know that is it possible to open the cabinet doors, and see literally hundreds of you, an infinity of yous, when one the one mirror looks into another mirror. That "mirrors" reality more than the one of just seeing the one view of yourself within he mirror in the morning. You are much more like the hundreds of infinite selves that occur when you open the cabinet doors. So imagine, if you will, that you are in a place of endless mirrors, a funhouse if you will. Ask yourself what other probable self you would like to explore? What would have happened if I had married Jeff instead of John? What would have happened if I had taken that job in New York, instead of staying Dallas? What would have happened if my mother had not died as a child? Then envision that "other" self. We recommend initially that you choose a self that is relatively distant from yourself. In other words, if your mother died last year, that is "too" close and still fraught with too much pain to see what would have happened if she was still physically with you. Then "see" that other self in he mirror. The more you can envision this other self, the closer then become, and then if you can hold yourself into that "deep" an encounter walk into the other side of the mirror. Examine that "others" life, and maybe if you can manifest this level of "trance" ask the "other" you the question that you need answered. If that other self is open, you will actually be able to communicate with them as you would communicate with a friend across a dinner table. If the other self is NOT open, you may openly be able to reach them, in a dream state. Go to see them when they are sleeping. Or request initially, that you go back to them when they are sleeping. Then you will appear to the "other" you as a dream. They are just as valid to themselves as you are to yourself.

Now, each of these selves, represent the road not taken. As Robert Frost your poet has said I was in a forest and there were two roads, I choose the once less traveled and that has made all the difference". In our reality you have chosen not only the road less traveled, but the more traveled one as well as the hundreds of others with in he forest that you cannot see or even conceive of.

If you are involved with a mate, there are hundreds of versions of that mate that you can choose to be with. You have chosen that version of that particular mate. That means that when that mate is "fighting" with you, or abusing you, YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE MATE THAT IS ABUSING YOU. YOU HAVE CHOSEN THAT FIGHT. There is a version of that particular mate that isn't fighting with you. There is a version of that mate that agrees with you. And there is a version of you that isn't with THAT MATE. YOU HAVE CHOSEN THAT REALITY.

Now, we "get back" to non-attachment. Can you see with this "new vision" of self, that it is NOT the outward circumstances that matter it is the inward circumstances that are real. The internal is ALWAYS before the external. Many of you hold attachments because you think this is how is should be, this is what I want. I have to get this job. I have to get that car. I have to make that sale. I need to have a clean house before my mother-in-law comes to visit. I have to be thinner. I have to be younger to hold unto my husband etc. You are choosing that mother-in-law coming through the door to inspect your house or to view your home with compassion. You have chosen the husband who you need to be younger and thinner for. You have chosen the job where you must have that huge sale every week. This list is endless, however, for every difficult situation there is the other situation where "things work out for the best". This requires non-attachment. The more you hold onto something fearfully the more you draw it to yourself. If you are terrified of that mother-in law walking through the door and being scandalized because you haven't dusted your home. Then indeed that is the mother-in law you will encounter. If you are frightened that you husband will leave you for a younger woman, then indeed he will. By having faith with yourself and your universe you automatically choose the best possible path for yourself. You choose the you that you most want to become. Non-attachment is the faith, and leads to that letting go, that LETS what's best happen. If you are baking a cake and you constantly check it in the oven, the cake will fall. If you are attempting to change your life and do you NOT practice non-attachment, you "life" like the cake will fall.

So the next time that your children are hassling you. The next time your boss makes you redo a proposal and stay up all night. The next time your significant other gives you hell for not putting your socks in the hamper, realize THAT YOU HAVE CHOSEN THAT VERSION OF THAT MATE AT THIS TIME. And if you truly do not like what the mirror is showing you, well it is time to look into the mirror and find out why it is there. Why is your mate hassling you? How they have no right to blame me? No, why did I choose this mate to hassle me????? Why did I choose this situation? Why did I choose this version of this person?

Now, you assume that you yourself are static. So you assume that the others around you are also static. They are not. You can change your energy and change your belief and the next day sure enough you boss will turn from a grouch into the nicest person on the face of the earth.

Now we have covered this before in other ways, however I guess we are putting it out for class review. It can not be covered enough or said in enough ways, because if each of you truly understand it, you would never again face any situation with fear. You might feel the fear and recognize that it is an illusion. Looking that mirror of that illusion and tell it is an illusion and like the wizard it will simply disappear.

Non-attachment is the interim point between manifesting what you wish into physical reality. If you "break" non-attachment, you break the necessary line to go from one point to another. We have been with Samantha all of her life in some form or another and she still can't seem to quite get "the hang" of this particular lesson. WE used to channel for her daily, and at least half of the month we could AGAIN cover non-attachment and "that you create your own reality" etc.

Each of you needs to "loosen" the ties that bind you to your limited sense of self. You need to maybe stop looking in the mirror for a while and begin to sense what you are beyond your body. Sense your spirit, sense your thought, sense the patterns of your thoughts. Within each of you as well, there is a sound, an overall vibration of what you are. The music of your soul, the music of your heart, the music of your essence. This is sound or a group sounds, it corresponds to the pattern of energy which you are. It is a truer definition of self, then what you "see". If there is song, that always makes you feel better, if there is a sound that gives you peace, or makes you feel NOT connected to your everyday life, but makes you feel dreamy, then apart of that song or that sound is part of the pattern of who you are. Close you eyes and begin to hum, begin to feel music in your mind, at some point you will "feel" or "hear" something in your head. That is your sound, that is more you, then what you see in the mirror. Then when you feel fear, "remember" that sound, and it will "loosen" your tie to reality. It automatically places you in that dreamy world. That is all for now....