Daily irritations

Each and everyday there are any number of paths that you can choose from. Each and everyday there are decisions you must make that create your reality. These decisions are like planting the seeds each and every day of what will occur in the future. When you react with fear, you are creating a fearful reality. First there is the belief, then there is the thought, then there is the emotion, and finally there is the action.
Many of you believe that you are victims of your emotions, that is simply not true. You emotions stem from your beliefs. Change the belief and the emotions will just disappear. Just as you choose your reality so do you choose your emotions. If you are angry, you can choose to be angry. If you are hurt you can choose to be unhurt. If you are happy, you can choose to stay happy. Emotions are powerful, powerful energy. When you react to something emotionally, you are giving the belief that caused that emotion a very powerful reinforcement in your life. You are making whatever belief you are acting on stronger and stronger. You can choose to be happy at any or every situation you face. If you are given a ticket by a cop, you can choose to rejoice in that ticket. If you are stuck in a traffic jam that is lasting 90 minutes you can choose to be happy in the middle of that traffic jam. If you have to do the laundry for your family and your husband forgot to take the change out of his pocket and blew up the washer or the dryer, you can choose to rejoice in that situation. If you wife is driving the car and "spaces" out the fact that the oil gauge is low and blows up the engine in your vehicle, you can say that was a gift from the universe and give you mate a hug. If your house burns down you can say, well I guess the universe is telling me it's time to move.

Most of you however would NOT rejoice at that above situations. How many of you waste moments of your life cussing at traffic jams? Or being angry with your mate for the smallest of things. Most of you believe that is the way you SHOULD react to a situation. If your spouse due to his carelessness causes the dryer to blow up, you are SUPPOSED to be mad. You are supposed to HATE traffic jams. You are supposed to fall apart when you loose your possessions, because after all, you are supposed to be what your possessions are? You react negatively because you are supposed to. You have allowed yourselves to buy into your society's version that happiness wrong. The person who is happy is crazy, or at the very least a fool.

Let us say that again you realize you create your reality. You can take these situations through a totally different set of beliefs and respond to them the way a magician would. You are trapped in a 90-minute traffic jam. Turn he radio on and sing in the car, take it is as an opportunity to find the music of your soul. Or buy a few books on tape and get involved in a novel. How about taking along a small tape record and start writing your own novel as you are driving. Rejoice that the traffic jam is giving you so many opportunities to be alone with yourself and discover other aspects of yourself. What about the cop who gives you a ticket, well, maybe the universe is telling you that you are moving to fast in your life, running on a treadmill and need to slow down? Maybe you are being given the message that you need to look at authority better, and try to "see" throught the other person's eyes. What about the husband that blew up the washer? Well, maybe it was time to get one of those new fancy wash machines? Could it be that this is an opportunity to realize that your husband is it worth more then the laundry? Or what about the wife who blows up the car engine? Well, maybe it is time for the wife to become more independent and learn about mechanical things? Maybe it is time to show your wife that you love her more then the car? Finally, if you house burns to the ground and loose everything, maybe this is tremendous opportunity to start over again and realize just how little you need, and how much freedom there is to living simply?

When you truly create your own reality, the little stuff doesn't get to you, and when you are truly a master you realize that EVERYTHING is little stuff. That the only thing that matters are the lessons and the love that is underneath daily situations. Life is a precious gift and many of you spend all of your time walking around concentrating on the everyday irritations. You EXPECT to have those irritations and you expect that you will be upset about them. You are supposed to be upset by them. But for each moment you are upset you lose another "precious" moment of life. Maybe when you are cussing at the car in front you, you are not seeing the beautiful sunset overhead. Maybe when you are angry with the cop, you are ignoring the peace of the cloudy romantic day, and not seeing the beauty of the moment. Ask yourself each and every time you react by being upset is it worth a precious moment of my life? We tell you there is very little that is worth wasting a moment for. Ask yourself what beliefs you are buying into that are causing to react that way and are those beliefs ones that you wish to keep? When you are angry at your mate blowing up the car, what belief is operating there. You mate is irresponsible? Then maybe you need to look at what is responsibility? Your mate is not worth the price of the car? Have possessions become more important then love, again is that worth it and do you really want to believe that. You could be angry because you lost the car you loved at least temporarily. Well, is the car you? What beliefs are operating here and again ARE THEY WORTH IT? At any moment of any day you can choose peace and happiness or irritation and unhappiness? Is the irritation worth it? That choice, that emotion creates the seeds of what your life is in the future.

When you "die", you take two things with you, what you have learned and what you have loved. NOTHING else goes with you. Your house is sold or given to your descendants. Your car is also sold. Every possession you have is NOT going with you. Every dollar is going to be given away as well. Death in a sense is the great equalizer, you take two things, what you have loved and what you have learned. When you love each and every moment you take more with you. When you love another person with your heart and soul, they become part of you as you become part of them and they go with you. What you have learned and is also a part of you, and how your have grown because afterwards, after the usually pleasant reunion of death, you sit back and reflect upon your life. You look at what you did learn and what you need to learn again. And when the pleasantness of the afterlife vacation is over, you either move unto another schoolroom, of back the schoolroom that is earth. So what you have learned because essential tot the next life or the next level of existence for you could NOT do either without the lesson your have gleaned. What is a traffic jam, a car or a washer or dryer mean in regards to that. NOTHING.

The exercise for today is to imagine yourself in a totally white room with no windows, no doors, no seeming way in and no seeming way out. What is it you feel? That my friends is a symbolic version of how you feel about death. What you believe about death is directly related to what you feel about life. It will show you what you believe about yourself in relation to life and to death. Think on it!