Purpose in probable realities

Samantha's mate whom we call Aurelius asked her a question this weekend. He told her that probable realities upset him because they hint to an unloving universe. After all, if whatever you do another one of you does the opposite, then what does your soul matter. As well, he told her that idea made him feel like a very "small pea in a pod".
First of all he is forgetting purpose. You see each and every one of those selves has a purpose to fulfill an important purpose to the pattern of life. It is the over self's the self-containing all the other selves responsibility to bring you to fulfillment of each and every selve's purpose. It CARES, it is its job to CARE. When you are faced with choice X and choice Y, you are also given to the fact that each self must fulfill it's purpose. Both selves have ONE underlying or basic purpose, but they can fulfill that purpose in any number of ways. Let us say that you purpose is to create/communicate like Samantha's, then Samantha chooses choice X and another Samantha choose choice Y, they are STILL bound to fulfill a purpose if NOT in exactly the same way. Take for example, Samantha, there is self that is a lawyer, there is a self that is psychologist. The lawyer self is understanding communication in the form of justice. The psychologist self is understanding communication in the form of the psyche. The ways to fulfill purpose are endless and allow for tremendous free will, but it is the over selves job to make sure that all selves fulfill purpose, therefore, the underlying choices given must in some way help each of you move towards a purpose. IN other words, you are really not given a "bad" choice. You may be given a choice that takes longer or has you face your fears, but you are only given choices that move you closer to your purpose, that again is how the universe expands.

Purpose also expands with the universe. So for a while you may explore one part of your purpose and then realize there is much much more in explore in another fashion. By having all of those others selves exploring with you, you can "save" time. Each of those selves communicates with you in your dreams, and you communicate with them so that you learn for each other. No one's experience is left "unused" as a learning tool for the others. It is possible to bring these other selves consciously to mind. In your dreams for example, when you are faced with a "big" decision, you play out the decision in your dreams and explore the different realities with the different selves, and each self then chooses which "play" or 'role" he will fulfill. Much time you are guided by the over soul. If NONE of you need to explore that particular role or that particular life, then you DO NOT play that out. But that happens so rarely. It is possible as well to contact your future selves as well as your past selves and place them on different paths. There is indeed needless freedom, but as well there is endless love and therefore protection. The underlying assumption is that there must be one or the other. This goes against the idea of fate. To some extent there is fate in that there is purpose and that before you choose to be born there were certain roles that you laid into your psyche to take on. But as well, when you were born you may have forgotten those roles, or your beliefs interfered or you decided to explore differently or XXXX. When you follow your path straight through, that is indeed a wonderful thing, but if you should decide to take a long country drive that endless up taking five years, that is again OK and your soul is with you. Let us say that before you were born you picked a mate to have a life with. Then, that mate decides that they no longer wish to have that particular life. Well, then the soul goes out and searches for you to find you a new mate that will fulfill your needs and desires. There is endless caring freedom, and because you assume in a linear world that there must either be one or the other, there must either be black or be white, that there must openly be zero or one. You do not see that there are many roads and infinity between zero and one. There is both destiny and freedom. There is both endless exploration and safety. There is both endless selves and yet the one self. There is both validity to who you are and importance to who you and lack of importance in that you are others and the other and you will die into something other form of consciousness.

Our last exercise was to have you explore your other self. Try this time to go into the mirror and meet your future self, the self that you wish to be. Imagine if you will a beautiful place, go there, relax and see the place, smell the place and hear the sounds of the place. Then imagine if you will that you are sitting at a table of some sort. At the table, is your future self. The self you wish to become, the self that is happy and has fulfilled the dreams dearest to your heart. Ask that self for advice. Then when you are done, realize that you are another self's perfect future self, image that there is one of you that is in pain and needs advice and reach out o there other past self. Talk to it as much as you can, show it that you love it, and finally give it a gift of some sort of advice. When you do this, you will realize that indeed you WERE the higher self at that moment that you were giving that advice. Didn't you feel love for the other self that you were. Didn't you understand it's pain and realize how much it needed to learn and yet you couldn't interfere with it's chosen path. When you do this, you realize, finally realize that indeed there is love and there is freedom, you also realize that you "GOT through" that self. And no you aren't fantasy. Feel that endlessness within you. Feel that open endedness and it will give you much more understanding than mere words can. There is infinity in each and every moment, and when you touch on infinity you realized that each thing is deeply wonderful and valued and yet you realize that there is more things that are also wonderful and valid.