Living in the moment

Many of you spend your lives running around. Running here, running there, so that by the end of the day or even by the beginning of the day you exhaust yourself and cannot create what it is in your life that is essential to your well-being. Part of the reason is that you view yourself as part of a machine. This needs to be done, and that needs to be done, in order for this to happen and in order for that to happen, etc... The problem is that you view time so deterministically and linearly that you do not give yourself the space to live in moment and begin the process of actually getting done the true work that needs to get done. Samantha has this list of things that she needs to get done within XXXX space of time. She is so determined to get things crossed off that list, that every morning the very first thing she does is look at that list and will rush through something simply so she can cross it off her list. This does NOT work. For what is on her list is NOT the essential things that she needs to do. It is not the things that will help her and guide her and create for her the life that she is aiming for.
When you are in a creative place in your life, a place where the energy is flowing. Where you are thinking and working at high levels. You generally cannot and almost rarely do get things done by the 'beat the clock' scenario. You need to open yourself up to the universe and begin the process of connecting with higher energy. Many creative people are creative when they relax. Many people are the most efficient when they relax and are doing nothing. By creating a list and attempting to live in a mechanistic manner, you do NOT give yourself the needed space to realize, and to listen to your intuition. You create many different ways that interfere with your time,

One way to increase your efficiency, as well as your lifestyle, is to learn how to live in the moment and not undertake the project and think to yourself, God, I just want to finish this project and move onto what I really want to do. How many times do you get up and think to yourself, I have to do this awful XXXX today and thereby avoid it for as long as possible and then when you DO get around to doing it, you rush right through it. Instead, learn to appreciate the details of the project. A perfect example, Samantha HATES editing her work. Today she had to write a very important letter. She wrote and QUICKLY edited it. She printed it, she addressed and felt good because she could cross it off her list. Then she had some other work to do on he computer and realized that she had "missed" a number of editing errors. Since this letter had to be copied a number of times. She had to "readdress" the envelopes and readdress the letters, whereas if she had taken CARE, to do it moment by moment she would have only had to do it once. If she hadn't RUSHED through the hated thing.

We advise looking at your lives. Begin the process of getting rid of what you do not like, but in relation to this, there will be jobs that you have no way to initially avoid. Instead of rushing through them, begin to find things about the job that make it pleasurable and ask yourself what is the lesson is in the job. For example, in the case of editing. Samantha could learn to realize that when she edits something, like that above letter she "sees" things in it to change and make the whole letter much better. By the time she finished editing it again, she had added three very valuable paragraphs and cleaned up some syntax. Samantha needs to learn bit by bit that by doing the necessary evil of editing many times she makes something better then it initially was. It forces her to slow down and read what she is doing. Remember as well, quality lies in the details.

Related to all of this is concentrating in the moment. Most people spend their lives living in the future and living in the past. They are rushing to get something done quickly because they do not like it, and while they are doing it they are some place else altogether thinking of what they need to be doing at dinner that night. Or thinking about the fight they had with their spouse. Very rarely do you concentrate on what you are doing and remain in the present moment. To truly be effective in your time, slow down and do what is in front of you. Slow down and concentrate on what you need to do in the present moment and then when it is completed go on to the next thing.

The underlying problem is that many of you simply do not trust yourselves. You do not believe that you will get done what you believe you MUST get done. So you rush, you hurry, you spend so much of your time worrying in the present about getting XXXX done, that you don't do ZZZZZ effectively. You have to go back and do ZZZZ again, so then you create a self-fulfilling prophecy of NOT getting XXXX done.

This is part of a societal training pattern that is taught to you. Basically you are to view yourselves as machines, as cogs of a sort, the problem with doing that, is that you forget that whenever you have to do creative work or thinking work, the mind needs space to be creative. The mind needs to open up and accomplish things creatively. Creative people, thinking people need to live in the moment to give themselves the mental space, the mental freedom to effectively think through a situation, to effectively create what needs to be done. By taking things slowly and having faith that what will NEED to get accomplished will GET accomplished, you begin the process of slowing down. When you slow down you give yourself the space and the trust to do things in the moment. And when you do things in the moment you do them WELL the first time out.

Now Samantha has a book where time is divided into four sections, the short-term crisis section, the mid-term crisis section, the short term pay-off section and the long-term pay-off section. Most of you live in your lives in the short-term crisis and the mid-term crisis section. You do this by not believing in your ability to get done the things that need to get done. By not trusting yourself and not trusting the universe to help you get the things done that are really beneficial for you to do get done. Like Samantha you want to get XXXX crossed off your list.

But busy work is just that, it is busy-ness work and needs to be done in a small fraction of the time that most all of you spend on it. Many of you use to it avoid the creative work. Instead the goal is to spend your life looking at and finding ways to create long-term happiness and long term benefits. You need instead to concentrate NOT living in crisis, and living in the short term. Instead try living in the long term and going for that long-term dream. You do this by listening to your intuition. The real way to create what is necessary in your life and shortcut your time, besides living in the moment, is to trust yourselves enough to listen to your instincts.

When you awake in the morning, START the day by concentrating on your dream, envisioning your dream and then let the "day" enfold in your mind. Ideas will flow and let the purpose of that dream run through you. You will begin to "see" new awareness and new ways of spending your time effectively. You will begin to listen to the natural rhythm of time itself, the rhythm that will provide for you. Then of course, you must listen and FOLLOW those instincts.

That of course is a frightening thing, following your "time" instincts. For example, Samantha had a very strong feeling that she needed to go and see in friend in the middle of a workday yesterday. This upset her tremendously because she had many things on the interminably list of hers. Finally she did go and see the friend. It ended up that the friend gave her invaluable insight into many thoughts and ideas that she was struggling with. By seeing that friend Samantha "shortcut" the time it would have taken to get a number of ideas and thoughts into her head. Today she began the process of implementing these ideas.

That is all for now....