The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

Your reality is created through the conscious mind communicating with the unconscious mind. Your waking self, your mind communicates a desire to the rest of the mind, and the rest of the mind begins to work. Your conscious waking mind is rather like the pinnacle of an iceberg. Your conscious mind is what is seen, but like an iceberg there the mind itself is much, much more than what is seen.
There are various levels to an iceberg just as there are various levels of the mind. However, the unconscious mind does not communicate with the power of the unconscious mind by simply telling it something. The ego mind, the waking mind, communicates with he unconscious mind through symbols. When you want something you create a symbol for it. Let us say that you long for recognition, the symbol for that is your boss's job. You envision sitting at his desk in his office. The symbol then becomes the office and the desk. You want women to take notice, so you devise a symbol for that. A bright red Porsche.

The unconscious mind does not "respond" to the desire, it responds to the symbol. It responds to the underlying image, and then attempts to manifest that or something better. Provided of course that your beliefs DO NOT interfere in the process. Your beliefs are also symbols in your mind. For an idea, let us say, we think love, what image comes to your mind? Let us say peace, what symbol comes to your mind? It is NOT the word peace, it is some sort of image.

Now, in order to manifest something faster, you must begin the process of learning to think symbolically. Then, when you wish for something in your conscious mind, place the symbol within the conscious mind and meditate upon it. It will come tremendously faster. Words, for example are symbols, but they are NOT as effective as actual symbols. In order to understand the idea of symbols realize that each and every thing in your life was a symbol at first. In the room you are sitting in, look around you and instead of accepting "the thing itself", think "what is the thing a symbol for?" For example, Samantha's office is in her library. It is filled floor to ceiling with books. For Samantha, books mean knowledge. It gives her great peace to write from us, in a place filled with books. When she enters her rocking chair and sits at her computer and looks at her books, unconsciously she calls upon us, "it is time now for knowledge".

Every object in your life is a symbol for something else. Before you "had" it, it was a symbol in your mind. Every thing that EVER exists, existed as a symbol first. A building is first seen in the mind of an architect. A book is first conceived in the mind of the author. A light bulb was once a dream of Edison. Then it became a reality. Every single thing existed in someone's mind first and then became reality through the belief and work of that individual. But even before what is in the mind, is the desire for something. Desire is the purpose of the ego. Desire is the first step to manifestation. After desire comes symbols, and after symbols comes faith, and finally there is manifestation. At each and every point beliefs can stop the process of manifestation. Your conscious mind defines what it desires. Your conscious mind, your ego self, creates the symbols. And your conscious mind is the mind that can "allow" something to occur or "block" something from occurring. In that way, you consciously create your own reality.

The unconscious mechanisms are much more difficult to explain. The unconscious mind is the mind that moves in the higher space and begins to "connect" to the "mass" reality in order to help bring about the needed resources to create what is necessary. The unconscious mind as well, taps into energy fields, energy concepts and energy masses. The unconscious mind is the one that uses the energy processes that bring the energy into the system to create what is needed and what is necessary to create what is wanted. The unconscious mind as well will many times have to begin the process of 'breaking" the blocks in the conscious mind; breaking the beliefs that prevent you from having what you want in he first place.

If your conscious mind was in the proper state needed to create what you wanted, you would have it. Desire for something, even something physical is many times a desire for something spiritual underneath. A desire for a house, may actually be a desire to connect deeply and intimately with someone else. If you are single and desire a home, for example, you may be actually desire security or love with a mate. The reasons you do NOT have this type of security, or love with a mate, exists for a reason, a belief. Before the unconscious mind can manifest the house and the mate, it must first break the belief blocks that are in the conscious mind. As well, there is the spiral of energy that is commanded through the unconscious mind. We have discussed this before. In order to create something, you must bring it into reality. This is done by drawing the energy of that thing into your life. The more negative you are in general and as a person, the more energy it takes to create the positive spiral. As well, the more filled with hatred, rage and anger, the less energy your unconscious mind commands and therefore the longer it will take to manifest.

Now part of being a "wizard", if you will, is learning to look at your desire. Look at the spirituality behind it, then find a symbol for it. This also brings the process of manifestation faster, because the conscious mind creates the symbol for itself, instead of having the conscious mind do it for you.