Money and Purpose



There are two ways of looking at money. First of all there is the traditional male view of money. Basically, life is struggle. Getting money is struggle and you have to fight long and hard and painfully to get money. Resources are limited, and therefore difficult to get a hold of. Survival depends upon getting things and money is seen as out there. With this concept, comes the idea that you must provide for yourself; that you are the primary one responsible; that your conscious mind is the one "in charge". This can, and usually does, lead to tremendous fear. Because when you do something just through the conscious mind, you are separated and all alone. Now, to take this further, many people conclude that money is security. When you are poor, and are feeling frantic, you believe that when you have money, that you WILL not feel that way. But the "truth" is, that underlying that frantic behavior or the frantic feeling is the belief that money gives you security. Once you allow your security to exist outside of yourself, you are NEVER secure. So when you have money, you become frightened of a huge tax bill, or you become frightened of a bad investment, or you become frightened of a lawsuit that will take it all away from you. As long as money is outside of yourself, you will never have peace about money.

The second way of looking at money, is that it comes to you when you are on the "right" path, and being most true to yourself. Money is actually energy from the universe. When you are following your path, you are flowing within the energy of the universe, and therefore, money WILL come. If there is lack of money, you are simply NOT being true to yourself. Think back, have you been true to yourself all of these years? Very rarely have you even considered yourself when it comes to money. Money is NOT out there as in the traditional viewpoint, where you have to run and grab and live frantically for it. Money comes when you are TRUE to yourself and engage the energy of the universe.

But once you view money as something that appears when you are true to yourself, that it is an expression of the flow of energy through you, then you no longer are responsible for your money. The universe becomes responsible. You can then have true safety and true security. In a sense you become a steward for money rather like a caretaker. The universe provides for you when you tune into it. There is no fear of loss because you believe that the money will be there for you. You are not, in a sense, responsible; the universe becomes responsible. However, it is your job to break through the blocks and the beliefs that prevent you from getting money.

Now, there needs to be a certain balance to this. Many people need to act to "get" money. Other people didn't' act at all. The key is learning to listen again to your intuition and learning to act in the right time, the right place, and the right manner. There are times to act and there are times to wait. When you tune into yourself and ask yourself, what can I do today to be true to myself and gain resources, the universe responds, and maybe it will respond by telling you to simply wait. Other times you will get a direct "response", go to the store or go do XXXX. Following that intuition is how the universe guides you. By listening to those intuitions, you begin to see more and more how indeed you are a caretaker of the money and the universe is the provider.

We must stress here that many of you, DO things for the money. But those things interfere with being true to yourself. When this happens, indeed you will NOT make the needed money. Money flows through you and when you stop being true to yourself, money will stop flowing. In some sense you must follow your purpose.

One of the biggest problems that we see is that people put their sense of identity into money. You are what you do, you are an executive or you are a lawyer or a doctor a secretary or XXXX. By using money, as your identity you tie into it. You hang onto that identity long after you need it and long after it benefits you. If you are a secretary and long to be an executive maybe you need more schooling. You need to take the risk to STOP being the secretary and begin he process of becoming an executive. Otherwise you are not being true to yourself and the money will not flow. One of the biggest problems in changing an identity is letting go of an old one. Let us say that you are this secretary and you need this schooling to become an executive. You must let go of being a secretary, maybe as far as let go of the job totally and go to school full-time, there is this space of time where you are not quite one and not quite the other. This is the space of time when most people falter. This is the space of time where there is tremendous pain and usually not much support from those around you. You have to let go of one self in order to become the other self, maybe even take a tremendous cut in pay. This can be difficult it can be frightening and many of you may run from that because again your link your identity to your bank account.

The only thing we can tell you again is that you are what your deepest dreams are. If in your heart you KNOW that you will do great things as an executive, that you can do great good and that you would be a great asset in doing them, and it means that you will be short on money for three years as you go for your MBA, then you must believe that indeed you are that executive, when indeed it may not come immediately. But if you define yourself as your heart's desire then you will KNOW that is indeed what you are. However if you define yourself as how much money is in your bank account and what your job is, then you will lose that identity and become lost and probably unable to pursue your dream. At this time the universe may decide to stop in and help you along, by having you lose your job. Or by having some other crisis come to at the forefront. The universe will allow you to be stagnate for only so long, and then if you do not act, it will act for you. When you base your identity upon your money and your job you are acting out of the old belief system. The first one that we described and it will only cause you great pain and hardship because no matter what you do, even if you pursue your dreams you will find great pain. However, if you operate out of the other belief system, the second, then when you pursue your dreams even if you have to cut back on your income even if you have to change your total outward identity you will feel great peace and great happiness and also feel safe and serene giving you the needed courage to make the needed changes.

The exercise for tonight is to imagine what you would do if there were no limits in your life. What kind of job would you have? What did you dream about as a child when you had no limits? If you didn't worry about money, if you didn't have to worry about your child's college education, your mortgage payment etc… What would you do????? Let the images flow and for fifteen minutes let everything be possible. When you are through, realize that is probably your hearts desire that is closer to who you are then what you are currently doing and that is what you should be doing. In the old sense that is God's will for you, and now it time to think bout ways to make that happen in your life.