The Void

There are times in every life when you feel as if everything your life is in a state of flux. These times are usually accompanied by a feeling that you are wading through a large pan of spaghetti. No matter what you do or how hard you try, everything is NOT coming together. Everything seems to be falling apart at the seams. It is in this time that you are in or near the void. The void is a frightening concept for many people, because in the void there is nothing to hold unto. It is the state of possibility, but undetermined possibility. It is the state of transition and change with many times no conscious knowledge of what will occur at the end.
The ability to live in or near the void comfortably is the sign of a wizard. The conscious mind many times aches for, longs for and craves stability. It seems to NEED to know what will happen next and in it's mind what SHOULD happen next is what has happened in the past.

In the void, the new has yet to come and the old has yet to leave. It is there in that staging state of in-between that the new is determined and new beginning start. One strange part of the void is the feeling that you are stagnant when indeed you are actually being very creative. One symptom could be the need to sleep all the time, that is a sign that your unconscious mind is exploring different probable realities for you. You also will feel NOT quite connected to reality as if you are walking around in a waking dream of sorts. Nothing seems real or "whole".

The challenge of the void state is the ability to NOT make decisions to quickly. It is the challenge of living in a state of endless possibilities and in a sense nothingness because none of those possibilities have manifested. Many times you will feel lazy in the void, NOT knowing what to do and YET wanting to do something. Do not put yourself down for waiting. Indeed the ability to wait and sort through what needs to be done next is part of the state of the void. Let yourself "be" lazy if you will. Let yourself "be", for you are NOT being lazy your unconscious mind is coming to grips with what is the next best place for you.

Many people GO into the void and RUSH out and make hasty decision as fast as possible simply to GET OUT OF THE VOID. This is a mistake is that you are NOT wisely using the void. The void exists as place, a space to explore the possibilities, by making a decision any decision to avoid the uncomfortable of it, you will probably make a poor decisions. It is very difficult for the conscious mind to NOT have something to hang onto, something to do. The conscious mind many times craves action, let it know that action is taking place in the sense that you are exploring possibilities. Let it know that you are in the state of consideration and that in indeed an active place to be. If you "run" away from the void and get out to quickly the decision you make will many times be decision made in error. Decision that later on down the line you will "see" have not been wise and may even harm you to the extent that you believe you are NOT safe in the universe. Many of you will feel at tremendous angst when you are kind his state. You will feel constantly tired as well as a deep underlying restlessness. You WANT to do something anything to get out of this place and yet you do NOT know what to do. By fighting the void you are fighting the best possible thing for yourself. You need to make peace with the void and when you do that the angst and frustration will leave you to a large extent.

The purpose of the void is to help you make large changes in your life. Many times it is the calm before the storm of a dramatic new beginning. It is the wading through the new beliefs and finding the right one that fits.

When you are in the void, the next stop is to bring this unconscious material and through in to the conscious and thereby WORK consciously within the void instead of wading through it and allowing the unconscious to do all the work.

The way to do is to thinking your mind what the best possible thing you would like to be doing. It is looking what is best for yourself without limiting your mind at all. For within the void there are no limits. It is in a sense designing a future framework or map for yourself. Imagine if you will that you are in a cave, and that there is a light somewhere within the cave that you are in, go into the crevice with a light and "see" what possibilities that is. Then you may see another crevice of light and look into that one. Explore all the crannies and crevices within the cave for within this cave are the possibilities for your future.

Again we tell you think bout your best possible life and see it coming, now as you think of this life imagine a road taking you form where you are to there, and see what needs to happen on that road. It is through these exercises that you being to explore the void. When you are sure that you have found the best path, you will know what to do. Instead of floating around in the energy of the void, it will fill you up and you will find yourself leaving. You will find yourself making decisions that make sense and things coming together well and easily.