You create your own reality. It is a simple yet radical statement. You create everything in your universe, everything that you encounter and everything that you "face". What you believe manifests itself into your reality. You are fired, YOU created that. You are the victim of a brutal crime; yes we are here to tell you that you created that as well. You are the victim of childhood abuse, you created that situation. Someone who you deeply loved, has recently died, you created that as well-you and the person who died. You are suffering from a life-threatening disease you created that as well. You live in the slums, are down and out, broke and can't buy food for your children, you created that as well. Your reality is created by you through your beliefs ALWAYS, it is that simple and that complicated. That is the "answer" to the problems and issues that plague you. Change your beliefs, learn the lesson you need to learn, and you change your reality. Why do people watch the same movie over and over and over again? BECAUSE they enjoy it, because they learn something from it.
Recently in your society, the idea of victimization was brought to every television set in the nation. A bomb blew up a federal center. This effected many people very deeply including Samantha. She was upset about this for days imagining what would happen if that were her daughter in that wreckage. For a few days, she kept thinking to herself "my problems are very little compared to losing my little girl. I truly have what's important". Now, weren't those children awful victims of what happened to them? Little innocent children who were literally blown up while playing in faith and hope. How could anybody possibly believe in a good safe abundant world after watching that on television for literally days on end? We told her to "see" beyond the tragedy.

All deaths have meaning and these deaths have more meaning than most. The Federal building in Oklahoma City was blown up. On some level that was all known about beforehand. The participants, the people who blew the building up, were filled with rage because they feel so powerless towards the world. And the people in the federal building itself were out of touch with the world itself; they lived very isolated and insular existences. They didn't "see" the world and how that world affected them. Many of them believed that bad things happen only to bad people. By having what happened there, they were made to open up themselves and participate in the world. And what about those children? The ones that died. They of course knew ahead of time (some even consciously and some unconsciously) that it would happen and chose on some level to participate in that. For whatever reason, they decided to leave this world now. Each child had a different reason for leaving, but did indeed choose to leave. Your federal government is a very strong believer in victimization and indeed that is what the authors of the situation wished to change in their very "perverted" manner. They want less governmental control, they want to control their lives more and they feel victims because they can't. They blame the government for their problems. In essence, victims attacked victims and the tragedy occurred, and with it the belief in even more victims.

This is the most difficult for many to believe, that indeed innocent children would decide to leave this world. That they wouldn't choose to live. But indeed children choose many times to "leave" situations. That doesn't mean that the parents are "bad", or that there was some great lack in the children's life, but whatever they had to learn here or whatever they came to do, they completed.

Sometimes small children are "ahead" of their times, they come here to help their parents, or they come here to simply "briefly" experience life on a certain level of existence. They are so advanced, so ahead of themselves, that they have so few lessons to learn, that they simply "leave". It is time for them to "go early". Instead of asking why did such an awful thing happen? Tell yourself when you die, that you will meet up with one of those children and ask why they choose to leave at that time? There is so much in a question. Your questions reflect your beliefs, your questions ASSUME something about what reality is. By telling yourself that when you meet up with one of those children, when you die, you are assuming that THERE was a reason for their death, you are assuming that there is life after death, and finally you are assuming that you and those children created the reality that they were in. By asking "why did that awful thing happen, you are assuming that those children were victims, that victimization is a normal everyday issue of life.

Now we are NOT saying that you shouldn't help the families of those children. We are not saying that those families didn't lose something deeply precious. We are NOT saying that compassion is not needed, for compassion is an expression of love and love is desperately needed in your world. However, PITY is not needed, for pity is an expression of a belief in victimhood. For by believing in victimhood the situation worsens. To handle the grief of that situation, to handle the pain that those at the Oklahoma bombing felt saying that they are victims ONLY makes the situation worse. At the root of all emotions is love, at the root of all existence is the overwhelming force of love. That is the single unifying force that your physicists are looking to find. When you express grief you are expressing love. You are expressing love for yourself for what you have lost. If you feel emotions to the end of emotions, you will finally feel peace or you will be confronted by a belief that desperately needs to change. However, when in the midst of painful emotions, to tell yourself that you created the situation that caused it many times doesn't help. Instead, say to yourself you are learning something, that all you see right now are the trees. Later, when you have felt the pain, you will "see" the WHY behind the circumstances, you will see the forest. You will see the lessons behind the circumstances. You will "see" the reason.

Now there are four basic kinds of beliefs or belief systems that you encounter in your everyday life. These are the beliefs that create the realities that you live in.

The first type are religious and societal beliefs. They can be exemplified by things like "you will go to hell for that". That is "WRONG". God says... The bible says... Religious beliefs are deeply held beliefs that you cause you to "fit" into your society. These are beliefs that are instilled in as a child and given to your to benefit society. They give you a moral structure to work within. Many times as well they give you faith in something beyond yourself. These are also beliefs that define the "world" reality. Your world is created by mass held beliefs. Where Texas is for example, what is happening in Africa. Now, people who do not watch the news, to some extent leave these beliefs behind.

The second kind of beliefs are those "given" to you as a child. Your family beliefs. Each family has a group of belief systems that they are raised with. You choose the family you are born into for the beliefs that they have. Family dramas exist because they are "beliefs" fighting or working themselves out from generation to generation. Many within each family will accept those beliefs and more easily within the family realm. Other's will "fight" those beliefs and NOT move easily into the family realm.

The third kind of beliefs, are scientific or factual beliefs. They are based upon facts, and laws of physics, science etc. We want you to know to be aware of these factual beliefs because they are as "wrong" as the other beliefs. But they are "proven". What they are is a medium of beliefs. An average of "tests" taken. In every group of tests there exists those that "break" the expected response of those tests. Science is the measurement of large groups of "tested, beliefs and scientific knowledge is the mid section of those tests. Many times the "aberrant" is ignored. Not by all scientists but by many. For example, if someone is Miraculously cured. They don't look into that or they ignore it and consider it a "fluke" of nature. Scientists would learn much by studying miracles and NOT considering them "flukes". Finally many times scientists only study "trouble" areas. How to cure cancer for example. They spend so much time concentrating on the problems that they "ignore" the well. One way to "cure" disease is to look more at what is healthy instead of so much at what 'doesn't' work. We would also like to add here, that since you create your own reality many times the scientist create in a test what they are looking for and what they "wish" to see. By focusing on what they wish to see, they interpret the data differently, and on a deeper level many times since you do create reality, they create the data that they are interpreting from. The deeper you go into nature, the more that nature is effected by beliefs. If you are dealing with something on a deep atomic nature or looking at something at a cellular structural level, there are belief systems at work at what is being scientifically seen. By having other belief systems you can literally break the laws of physics, biology, chemistry, etc. and many have. For example, let us say that you go to a doctor and that doctor tells you that you have an awful disease, that you will die in three months time. What he is really saying is that based upon studied large groups of people who accept our belief system, the average persons studied died within three months, when they had your particular problem.

The fourth kind of beliefs are the ones that you decide on yourself and create your reality around. This takes conscious work and practice. This is what is called reality creation. When you consciously create your reality by changing your belief systems, you become a magical person. In many ancient societies magical thinking was taught and practiced, and we have much information on those. But that is for a later time.

There is tremendous freedom when you choose to live magically. First of all, magical living, becoming a wizard if you will, is a conscious moment to moment decision. It is a set of belief systems that allows you to cope better within the world and teaches you to operate extremely well in all levels of life within the world. The first and foremost basic belief is that you create your own reality. Now, when you truly believe that and feel it into your bones and cellular structure you will "see" the world differently, operate differently and operate more successfully. For example, you can NEVER again be a victim of any circumstances. If you are having a fight with your mate, it is because you have CHOSEN to have that mate fight with you. Many marriages could be saved and the divorce rate would go down tremendously, if your mates stopped blaming each other for their problems and circumstances. If the words, "you promised me..." were never again uttered. If the IRS sends you out a "nasty" letter, it is because you have chosen to be audited. If your boss treats you badly, and yells at you unfairly, you can no longer be angry with that boss, because you created that situation. The list goes on and on and on. Rage and victimization is expected and accepted in your society. If you do not get mad, if you are NOT cynical, well, you are naive and not strong. Your society worships anger and your television shows worship rage and victimization. This is not a healthy god for anyone. Now if you accept he challenge of becoming a wizard, you can never again "rage" against circumstances because even though rage is an expression of self-love, rage exists because of a belief in victimization and rage is painful. IN order to release rage, look into your beliefs and ask yourself why you created those situations? That is what these teachings are meant to teach each and every one of you.... how to be a wizard in the world. If you wish to feel your energy or your power as a wizard for one week say to yourself, "everything in my life is a dream". Then look at the world around you, for a few minutes. Then say to yourself, I won the energy of this place, and feel the energy "hit" you back. That is all for now....