Technology, Rage and the Unabomber



In your world with the coming of the millennia there is in your society a terrific fear of change. As well, there are HUGE changes in your society. Technology has created a New World. The world is in a sense shrinking through technology although those in the "old" ways lived in a similar shrinking world through telepathy. Technology is becoming the great equalizer, both families and economies are learning that knowledge and information of any kind in any form is valuable. If that form is in an Indian woman who live in a hut so be it. If the form is in a Russian peasant or an English aristocrat.

This rapid technology is causing the breakdown of the family as you know it as well as society as you know it. The world that you grew up in is radically different and is changing even more radically. Because of this there are fanatics, individuals who wish to go backwards into what was. Individuals who does not understand or believe that what is here and what is coming is good. As society moves closer and closer to the millennium there will be more and more fanatics. As technology increase there will also be more fanatics. There needs to be a way to incorporate values with technology. Currently the value is technology and that is NOT a good single value to live with.

There needs to be a new "religion" if you will. A religion that utilizing what you know technological as well as a religion that heals the spiritual and lends value to your societies.

That is where the next step is coming from, for the seeds of that religion lie within the new age. The new age is taking seeds of the old, and combining them with the new, and in that sense is the most dynamic of religions. Your older religions are HOLDING onto their dogmas and right now what is needed is rapid adoption. Your minds need to catch up and surpass the technological knowledge that is occurring in your lives. This is the situation with the Unabomber.

Here is an individual who truly senses a need for something to worship other the societal technological gods. Yet expresses that through violence and the violence stems from underlying fear, lack of understanding of what is occurring in your society. When an individual is frightened, it uses violence to fight back. As well, since we have stated before that all fear is an illusion, a child looking in the mirror and making faces at themselves, a fearful individual is an ignorant individual.

This brings us to the question of morality or a version of morality: at what point does ideology reach it's limits? In other words do the end justify the means? The message of the Unabomber and other like him, generally have validity. But the way that message is expressed is not healthy when violence is used. Can you actually convert another when you try to "force" him or her into it. We tell you NO. You can only temporarily use force to convince another. And then underneath the convincing there is rage and resentment. The means NEVER justify the ENDS. That is the rational of fanatics since the beginning of time. When you reach the point of doing morally reprehensible things, you are acting out of ignorance and fear and when a message is related in a fearful manner it will never work. You can never push your will upon another. What you can do is to teach and show another the better way. Let us use the example of Jew who hears a skinhead on the radio. Let us say that the Jew calls in and fights anger with anger and tells the skinhead he is wrong. Tells him that he has no validity, tells him that his view of reality is off and he is sick etc. What is happening is that the Jew in this situation is reinforcing the belief of the skinhead. If on the other hand the Jew very calmly listens to the rage of the skinhead, and asks him questions or simply listens. The skinhead on the other side of the line will learn THROUGH EXAMPLE, that the Jews are GOOD people. Rage responding to rage will only create more rage. However, love responding to rage will create love for love is ALWAYS more powerful then rage. In fact RAGE is based upon love as is all emotions. All emotion is based upon love for the self or for another. When you are raging at another, you are angry because something has come between you and the other. When you are raging at a loved one, the last thing you want is for the loved one to rage back, you want the loved one to understand you and heal the pain between he two of you. Love is the most powerful way to heal any situation and to change the mind or opinion of another.

When you are faced with ugliness or the rage of another, respond by getting even or by fighting back and trying to "convert" you to there side WILL NEVER work it will just worsen he situation. What you must do is back, off what you must do is to find the living message underneath he rage filled actions and words. Then when you see through the rage and ignorance and see the love underneath, then and only then can you heal and change a situation.

If the Unabomber would have used the pen instead of the bomb and learned to deeply communicate what was in his heart, that there is more to life then technology that life needs to have meaning. If he had NOT used violence by shown through his action and shown through his words his message, then he would have reached an audience. For there is more to life then being the treadmill of technology. There DOES indeed need to be meaning in your lives and by seeking technology many people in your world have lost there center, have lost the ability see meaning in their lives. They are chasing the next new toy and feeling a tremendous emptiness. But the Unabomber was ignorant and believed that only the terrorism could he bring the message. And by claiming that he end justified the means, he perverted his message and harmed both himself and many others.

However since each of you create your own realities and the version of probably realities you live, there are reasons and meanings for choosing the Unabomber and his violent means. As we have said before there is meaning the simplest of events and you create your own reality. When you realize that you will realize as well that the ends cannot justify the means because you create the ends that you must justify. You also create the means of the circumstances that you wish to change. And you create a world where you have a message to learn and a message to teach. For you teach best what you most need to learn. You give understanding to others, as you give understanding to yourself. If you are the Jew we discussed above whom encountered the skinhead. Maybe you drew him into your reality to understand and forgive the rage in yourself. Maybe you drew him into your reality to understand the ignorance of that world that created a holocaust. For whatever reason, when you give love in the face of rage you accept your rage and find peace within yourself. When you find a message within yourself, you can give a message to the world and you can only do that through love.

Tonight's exercise is to imagine if you will someone you are in conflict with. Then imagine yourself and this person in a circle of light, lighted candles if you will. Look into this person's eyes and "see" where the conflict is coming from, and what part of you this conflict represents. Try to love the person causing the conflict and try to see it from their point of view. Understand their pain and understand where the problems they are giving you are coming from. Then when you are ready embrace them, and sure enough you will find that you are embracing yourself and sure enough you will find that the matter will resolve itself peacefully. Such is the way of love.