Lightning Strikes

There will be times in life when something will hit you, when you feel the most down. There maybe times in life when you have been struck with the proverbial lightning. Something will happen that is so painful that you cannot for the life of you understand it. You cannot see any reason rational or otherwise why such a thing would occur.
You may have been working on beliefs, you may have been doing everything right. You may have been trying to make huge changes in your life or you may have been doing nothing at all when you feel utterly sideswiped. At these times, the worst thing you can do is to hate yourself or to blame yourself. It is at this time that the only thing that you can do to get yourself through the situation is to accept everything you are feeling and when you are hit, when you are in shock, simply move through it. DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. Do not feel that there is something wrong with you that you have failed, that you are bad. Simply feel what you need to feel.

Then after the shock has worn off and you begin to start living again, albeit a different life or maybe the same life, you will at some point in time see the reasons for why this has occurred. You will see the belief that needs to be changed or the purpose that needs to be fulfilled. But again, we are stressing that many of you, who believe that you create your own reality, and then have a person you love, die. Or you create your own reality and you lose an awful and unjust lawsuit or you go through bankruptcy or you have been told that you have a terrible disease, or some act of violence has been perpetrated against you. Whatever the lightning was, whatever the crisis, simply TRUST somehow that there was a reason, that there is something taking care of you, even though it is hard to believe in anything, that there is some purpose that you will come to understand.

That is the faith of a wizard, for even a great wizard has a bad day or even an incredibly bad day. But the difference between a wizard and one who is not a wizard is the ability to stand in the face of the pain, feel it and KNOW that there is reason underneath. A wizard knows there is a lesson and that after the feelings are felt, after the pain has stopped gripping you, that there is a good and useful, and abundant and caring universe.

When in the face of a crisis you want to sit down and cry or you want to scream your head off, or you want to crawl in a hole. Do not run from these feelings, FEEL them. Do not hide from the energy that flows through you, for that energy exists to help you and to take care of you. The pain, the fear the anger and the rage exist to help you get through this. When you run way from yourself where can you run? Nowhere. When you face the emotions, when you face the pain and you face that pain with some sort of faith. YOU will move through it unscathed. You will get through it and come through the other side. You will learn the lesson and when you lie upon your deathbed you will take the lesson with you.

When in the face of this incredible pain, you say to yourself I will feel this, yet I know that I am safe. I will feel this and know that there is an end. I will feel this and learn the lesson and find joy in my life and maybe even find joy within this very moment. You will transform the situation right then and right there. You have weathered and beaten the situation and when there is nothing left of that situation for you to face. That fear has been conquered that pain has deepened your heart, you have become more. Again we stress at this time, whatever you do, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP. When you do that, when you reject yourself and your pain and your rage and your anger, then he situation beats you. When you love yourself, knowing that you create your reality and right now the reality looks untenable, unsolvable and extremely ugly, then you love the parts of yourself that in your mind seem untenable, unsolvable, unlearnable and extremely ugly. Then you will begin to feel the tremendous love and acceptance that exists underneath all of reality. That love will give you strength and will give you your center. That love will be the force that transforms both you and the situation.

Do not doubt that you have that ability or that love. If you are alive, you are alive from the force of love itself for life stems from love. Even when you are filled with self-hatred know that at the bottom of that self-hatred is love for you must love yourself enough to hate yourself. Find the love in the self-hatred and you will find a way to transform all internal and external issues. No matter how hard the lightning strikes. No matter how ugly the issue. It is when you find that love, even when you just look for it halfway believing in it, that you win.

This reading is a relatively personal one for Samantha that we suggest you put up as a posting. The lightning has struck her life twice this week and we KNOW that she can find the strength to move through it as each and everyone of you can as well. Just because you are a wizard or even a wizard in training does not mean that you are spared some difficulties in life. Many times, indeed there are MORE difficulties in life. For when you are a wizard you are learning about the life force itself and when you are learning of those forces and the laws that govern them, you are looking deeply in yourself and reality. By doing that, you change the reality you see as well as challenge every tiny molecule in your life. By challenging yourself and by expanding your knowledge, you will encounter resistances within yourself and those resistance WILL come into play. And at times that resistance can be overwhelming.

As well, there is purpose in each and every life and when your beliefs and purpose clash, or when you are not living on purpose disaster will strike because the loving universe is attempting to correct your course. Again, when the lightning strikes, do not wonder why, only get through it moment by moment and second by second. After many moments and many seconds, the reasons will dawn on you in some unsuspecting moment and you will understand if you seek such understanding. But do not fail yourself for not initially understanding, because when you are in pain, even though pain and loss are illusion, it is hard to see anything at all, much less reasons. And finally, remember to love yourself and give love to each of yourselves, do not blame yourself or the world or others around you, for when you blame them you lose any power whatsoever you may still have in the situation. But related to that do not blame yourself, for then you lose even more power. You must in times of crisis validate yourself, validate what you do well, validate the life force within your so that it may become stronger and freer. Have compassion for yourself as you would a small child who scraped his knee and do not understand where the pain is coming from. But like that small child in pain, he is simply learning to walk. And the pain will end and he will learn how to walk. Have faith in yourself as you would that small child whom you know can learn to walk. May love be with each of you, especially in times of crisis and times of pain. Also know that the universe never abandons you no matter how much it may seem like it.