Love and Magic

Love is the actual force of existence that creates magic. Love can overcome the laws of physics. Love is the force that makes the flowers grow and the trees turn green in the spring. Love is the basis for existence and it is in the sphere of love that peace exists as well as magic. The opposite of love is fear. When you are afraid you contract into yourself, you are unable to grow and to expand. When you are afraid, magic cannot exist. What do we mean by love anyway? Love has a bad reputation in your society. Love is considered a sign of weakness. Indeed Samantha certainly feels that way, she feels that loving unconditional love is a kind of trap that if she applies it to her personal situations, she would be taken advantage of. Love to many in your society is considered the equivalent of being a doormat.
Instead love is the ability to trust. The ability to see through your heart center. It is also the act of surrender. Again surrender is considered an act of weakness. To surrender means that you lose, lose the war, lose the fight, lose whatever. Actually surrender is a way of opening up and accessing tremendous power within yourselves. So how do you do that?

Love is a force, a force like E=mc2 is a force of nature, the force of nature. When you apply a loving consciousness to any situation you create magic and many times can even avert the laws of physics is so try or believe that you truly can.

Radical faith is the beginning, love is the next step beyond. When you assume radical faith, when you think to yourself, what if I knew that everything would ultimately work out? What if I knew that I was sage and that I could never truly lose anything, even my life how would react in this situation? When you act from that belief system an overwhelming feeling of peace enters your consciousness. Love occurs in that peace, it is the power of action that occurs from that peace. After the peace, you view things differently and you can "see" what needs to be done. Radical faith assumes passiveness, the next step is action. Love is the action that stems from the peace. Love is what occurs when you have that peace. It is the beginning of being in touch within yourself.

Now each of you were created "perfectly" and are in a sense perfect beings. Perfect is a difficult concept because in your lingo it assumes stasis. Actually perfection is fluid, it is perfect motion, because love is energy in motion. Each of you is perfect n that sense, each of you need to remember or to feel or to believe in hat perfection. Ask yourselves what would happen if I knew that I was loved and that I was perfect and I never needed to change a single iota about myself, how would I act in his situation if I weren't trying to deprive myself? How would I act, If I believed deeply in my goodness? Who would I be then? That is love, a deep recognition of who and what you are, and when you do that the force of life, of energy flows through you and taken into a place of joy and motion. MAGIC occurs.

There is a definition of magic, that Samantha once saw in a writing class, it is to see something there that was there before, or to change your consciousness about something. Since you create your reality, since you create you life, if you change you mind, if you see what was there before, you change your world and you create magic.