Let us talk about bit about the process of channeling. Channeling is an ability to "listen" deeply. It is relatively rare only because in your society you have not learned to listen within. Now, many people "hear" voices, in fact that is a definition of psychosis in your society. To channel is to hear voices. However, there are levels to learning how to channel.
Initially it is simply hearing the voices in your mind, however the accuracy of what you hear is going to be relatively low. The process of channel is learning to clear out enough space in your mind, so that you can hear better and better. In essence you open your mind up, and simply listen.

Now it is not quite as inactive as we are saying, because you have to actively listen. When a voice contacts you, it still has to contact you through your beliefs and contact you through your mental screen, in essence your energies join and become a new form of energy. You have to open up enough to hear the voices and open up enough to let your energy join with another energy. Now this process is not quite a strange as it sounds. When you love someone deeply, your energy and their energy join and form another third energy. You are no longer a separate person and neither is the other person. You become one in a new and combined form. Channeling is very similar, it is the ability to love and to open up so much that another entity in Samantha's case physically dead entities can enter with you and create another form of energy.

There are various forms of channeling. Great healers are channels, great artists are channels, great writers, even of course great scientists. A channel is someone who can open to the forces of the universe and become one with them. This is something that each of you can do. You open to the forces of energy and another entity joins with you, and you become more then you were before, yet maintain the integrity of the self you currently have.

Let us say, you begin the process of channeling and you hear your first messages, and they tell you to kill someone. This is the greatest fear in your society that you will hear voices who tell you to do "bad" things. You are taught by Christianity, then through Freud that you unconscious mind is NOT something that you can trust. So you are frightened of the voices within your mind. Indeed, take your the messages you receive with a "grain" of salt. In many ways, look at the channel as a great friend giving you good advice. Is it good advice to kill another person? Probably not. If you should get a message like this, you need as well to look at why you are getting this type of message? Is it because you believe that evil exists within your mind and that you will hear "bad" things when you open your mind? Is it because the channeled entity is not necessarily a positive one, and you believe that incarnate energies are evil? Like attracts like especially when it comes to channeling and you must find out what went "wrong' in your broadcast, so as to not repeat the negative process again. However, there are very few "negative" energies out "here". Generally a long term channel is a "good" one for it takes our time as well as yours to become a channel and "negative" channels are not very patient.

In Celtic society, druids and wise women were taught to be channels. However, it was known that channeled entities are rather like human entities. Some of them are friendly some of them not so friendly, some of them are malicious, though these are very few etc. Do the messages that you are being given are they something that makes you feel "lighter" fill you with a kind of joy, a great sense of peace? When you follow the messages do things work out better for you in your life? If not, then request a new entity to channel and simply "shut" down the channels that doesn't work for you. This may seem impossible, but more then likely all you have to do is simply say, I request a new voice for I do not think you are a healthy channel. Again, then look at what caused that particular channel to come to you, so you do NOT repeat a negative experience with another channel.

One big problem with channeling is that when a channel is "shut" off, it is tremendously painful for the initial channel. When you are a channel you are never alone. It is possible to channel anytime you wish because time "here" is different then time for you. When you are ready to hear, a good channel will always respond. When you shut off that channel you become alone again, and initially until you have filtered out your channels this process may become very painful or frightening. Rather like losing a very good friend.

In the age we are moving into, one probable reality is all children will learn to be channels at an early age. Channeling is a skill that will be taught. Each child will channel different entities that are part of their purpose. For example, if a child's purpose is to become a musician, they will channel the great musicians and great music. If the child's purpose is that of healer, then they will channel healers. IN past generations ALL information was passed on this way. For example, that is one reason that Druid had no or very little written information. It was believed that it was better to learn to channel the information that you would need. If you wished to know more about history, you would channel information of the past. Written information was simply considered unnecessary and what is more possibly not good for all people. The druid rational was that if you couldn't channel the information then it wasn't good for you to hear it. As well, information that was valid for one was not valid or needed for another. A channel was a good way to get the exact information that you needed when you needed it. Why bother to write anything down, this worked consistently better. For example, if you were to channel being a healer, why did you need and what good would it be to read about music. All information that ever existed still exists. It is just a matter of learning how to access this information. It is rather like learning how to use the index in a library. Channeling is the learning to use the index.

In each time as well, there were great oracle channels or greater versus poorer channels, like their are greater or poorer musicians writers etc. These were the shamans and wisdom people. Great channels became druidic priests.

It is time for this ancient technology to come back. In a sense channeled information is always necessary to the person who is channeling it. In your time of information expansion and to some extent information overkill, being able to channel is a way of cutting through the multitude of information that exists. For example, let us say that you need to keep up with what is going on in your industry. There are 50 or 100 publications in your particular industry. To keep up with that kind of information is a full-time occupation in it's own right. In a sense that is information overkill, there is simply so much of it in your world. As a channel you would be "told", read this particular publication on this particular page and you will find what you need. Or you would be guided to the proper book or the proper place. Or if you were skilled enough you would simply channel the exact information that you needed and publications would be unnecessary.

Channels do work with information that currently exists. It is not uncommon for us to tell Samantha to go and read XXXX, on such and such a page. In this sense, she receives feedback in "her" world, based upon our information. It makes what we tell her "more credible" in her mind. So for example, if we are telling her something on love that particular day. We may tell her to go to her library and read XXXX on XXXX. And sure enough it will be something on love and many times it will be the same type of information. This validates for her what we are saying.

Channeling like this is the ultimate way to wade through the tremendous amount of information that is currently flowing through your society.

Channeling is in a sense the ultimate source of information, in that you can access information from the past, the present and even the future. It is the best library or resources that you can gain access too. It is also the most natural use of the mind.

So why do so many people hear voices and commit heinous crimes? Because they do not hear the information well. In Samantha's mate's family, there was a cousin who heard voices. He believed that he was the anti-christ and wanted people to worship him. He was indeed channeling something. However the accuracy of his information of approximately 2 percent. That means that 98% of everything he heard was inaccurate. He was sensing that the universe had terrific forces and that it was more powerful then he understood. He realized that he was channeling this awesome force. It was meant to open him up and to reevaluate his definition of god. That was the accurate two percent. He interpreted the opening to be evil, and therefore saw himself as the anti-christ and had to be committed. He needed a healer who understood what was happening to him. The healer would have taught this cousin how to clear through his psyche and understand the forces that he was dealing with and potentially he could have become a great channel.

Psychologically speaking, in your society only mysticism of a sort will actually heal the mind. Alcoholism for example as well as psychosis can only ultimately be treated by teaching mysticism. Your Alcoholics Anonymous knows this and indeed it is the most effective treatment for alcoholics known today. By attempting to heal the entire family, and looking at the psychological under current of what is going on in the mind of the alcoholic as well as teaching them that there is force beyond themselves, they heal. This is very similar to shamanism. At least has the basic components of shamanic practice.

Current healing methods of the mind are simply not very effective. Many times the drugs taken to help in healing actually harm. They change the mental structures of brain and distance the individual from the problem. Drugs are good and useful for SHORT term healing. If someone is suicidal, and takes a drug to temporarily alleviate that depression, that is effective and stops the depression. But to take these drugs on a long term basis only prevents real healing and in fact prevents deep healing. In the case of suicidal depression treated with drugs, the depression will come back in an even worse state or another desperate physical problem will occur. Women in your society suffer a great deal from depression. Depression will begin and then left untreated eventually becomes something else, great alcoholism or deeper suicidal depression or divorce etc. The underlying depression is never dealt with or drugs mask it, so it becomes a divorce or it becomes a mother who abuses her children. Instead a depressed woman needs to find her mysticism and her own inner power only them can she successful combat her disease. Most depressive woman are terribly creative and do not understand how to use or focus the creative energy through themselves. As well, the power of that energy is frightening and women are trained in your society to be frightened of power. Samantha herself has suffered from severe depressions because she was learning to use her creative forces to channel and did not understand what was happening to her.

Your drugs while being effective, again only mask, and do not SOLVE the problem. If the initially depressed woman began the process of channeling and learned her inner purpose, she would begin to see purpose in her life and sure enough her depression could be solved as soon as she realized that the universe would help her and guide her in her purpose. A channel as well, will challenge belief systems that are not healthy for an individual. Many times depression stems for extremely strong negative beliefs. A depressive person will "see" the world through very dark eyes. Belief systems are passed down from generation to generation and negative beliefs are very strong. That is why depression seems to be hereditary. Beliefs are part of the DNA structure that you pass to your children. Beliefs like eyes are part of what you give your children. What a mother believes when she is pregnant will effect the child for the rest of it's life. In depression an individual may very well be looking at negative beliefs that were passed to them through their DNA structure. Breaking those beliefs are difficult indeed. A healthy channel will challenge you to look at those beliefs that are limiting to you or are unhealthy. They will give you methods, thoughts or ideas in a structured form when the individual is ready to "hear" them and challenge the depressed person in such a way to most effectively help and guide them. That would heal the depression as nothing else would.

In order to begin the process of learning to channel, sit in a calm state and simply listen for fifteen minutes. Imagine if you will the temple that we asked you to put together in your mind earlier. Lie there in the temple, and ask for a healing channel who will guide you. Sure enough an entity will enter your temple. We recommend that before you start, you imagine of circle of protection or white light and only a positive entity can enter there. As the entity enters into your temple, ask them if they have initial message for you and LISTEN. Do not judge the information. Do not ask yourself did I imagine it? Take it as your first channeled information and then if it is not too risky, use the information.

Channeling like anything else requires a great deal of practice. Samantha has been channeling since she was a child of 3 years of age. She has been channeling for thirty years and began writing her channeling down at the age of 8. Her accuracy rate is currently 93 percent. However that is thirty years of practice. As well, it was part of her purpose to channel at an early age. In a sense Samantha was like a child prodigy when it comes to channeling. So take everything your channel says with a grain of salt. Does it makes sense to you, how did you feel when you got the information? Did you feel happy, did you feel "bad"? If you felt bad, why? If you felt good why? Write down what the entity who entered your temple wore? What exactly id they say, how would that help or hinder your life?

Sometimes, especially initially, a channel will give information in symbols or strange ideas. They may only say a word, like car or tree or something. You may not even understand. But try then to "see" what they may be telling you. Are they telling you that your car could be in trouble? Maybe you should check your brakes etc. Maybe you should have your car in for a tune-up? Maybe your mate's car needs to be looked at? Many times as well, channels will give you clues and then you must figure out the message. For example, we will give Samantha clues in sections of three. She will think or hear an idea love, then a friend will call her about their love life and maybe her daughter will talk to her about how much she loves her. Then you receive coincidental messages, that is for the next section......