Coincidence is the "new" form of logic. In your world decision are made based upon thinking that what has happened in the past and what is happening now WILL happen in the future. In other words, If A and B happens therefore C will happen again. Observation and reasoning are "used" to describe why one event "rises" out of another event. All events are believed to have a certain cause and therefore what happens in the past effects the present and what happens in the present effects the future. Causality is a sequence of events that happen outside of yourselves and if those events are mimics other events, then you "know' what to expect from them.
For example, let us say that you hate your job because you have to listen to people complain. In the past when you had the complaining part of your job, you were required then to make those people happy. So now when the phone rings you are upset because you may have to make someone happy. That is a logical casual conclusion based upon a past event.

However, there is another way of looking at something like this? What is suddenly causing these people to call? Are there more then usual? What seems to be the underlying issue at hand? You are beginning to take outward events and relate them internally. You are beginning to think synchronistically. There are two types of synchronistic events that occur. The first is when something internal happens and then there is some outward manifestation. For example, let us say that you have a dream that you are seeing an old boyfriend. Then the next day you go shopping and sure enough you run into that very SAME BOYFRIEND and you haven't seen or heard form him in ten years.

Another type of synchronistic event is when you need something and sure enough it appears. This is when you need an outward event and an outward event "happen" along. For example, let us say that you are down to your last dollar and you walk across the street and sure enough you look down and "see" a fifty dollar bill.

When you see that you create your reality you need to move beyond "seeing" things casually and outside of yourself. You need to think of them differently with a new logic. For example, let us say that you are a budding wizard and suddenly your medical insurance is stopped. In a causal universe this could be a frightening experience. Because there is always the "risk" that an outside event will occur when you need medical insurance and then you will not be able to afford it. But if you are attempting to be a wizard the lack of medical insurance may be one way for you to look at whether you need medical insurance and may be a test of whether any insurance is needed in your life because you DO create your own reality. You are taking an external event and beginning to see how it relates to interior changes and experiences. Suddenly you lose your medical insurance just as you realize that you create your own reality. "LOGICALLY the two events do not see to be related. Tradition logic would say that those events have nothing to do with each other. But when you begin to see that the internal and the external are interrelated you begin to see great synchronically occurring between events.

To view things synchronistically you need to see that any type of coincidence is actually a message of the universe and begin to "look" into that message. Begin to decode this coincidental sings and instead of using "logic" use synchronistic as a guide in how to behave to create what it is that you want.

When you view through traditional logic means you view them as occurring outside of yourself. So when something goes wrong you begin to look back and what happened to "make" it go wrong. You look for a cause. When you look for things synchronistically, you begin to look internally for ways to solve exterior events and you look at exterior events as the process of something internal going on.

There is a logic to this. It is the logic of decoding symbols as well as the logic of looking into what something means in relation to the experience. Let us use the example, above. Let us say that you truly dislike getting phone calls complaining about products in your work. Now, maybe you haven't gotten those phone calls for a long time and suddenly in a day three or four appear. What is meant by that? Couldn't it be that you are coming close to changing beliefs that need to be looked at and how is the external events related to your internal reality?

Logically coincidences are just that. They are external events that occur that have nothing to do with each other. However, when you realize that the psyche is directly related to external events you begin to see that what appears externally and what is inside of you internally are directly related and coincidences are "clues" to what those relationships are.

So how do you look at something symbolically? At one point we gave an exercise where you were to look everything around you as a symbol for something else. If you do this enough you begin to have a symbolic alphabet. For example, to Samantha knowledge means books. She loves to have books around her and writes these postings in a room that is filled floor to ceiling with books. One day in Samantha's life there is a "big" problem. A day of terrible trouble if you will. She finally walked away from her problems and decided to go the park. At the park she walked until she was tired and there she sat down on a bench. Next to her on a bench was a book. The book was directly related to the problems that she had "left" behind. For Samantha books mean answers and when she 'gets" a book it means that there is a solution within it. When she dreams of a book it means that this dream is related to knowledge etc. Books are symbolically to Samantha of knowledge and solutions.

Each person has a certain grouping of symbols that mean certain things to them. As well, each culture has certain symbols and even each species. Species symbols are related to the Jungian idea of archetypes.

Now when you are thinking symbolically you do NOT stop using your rational mind, you simply use it differently. For example, as we stated above when you use the rational mind to solve a problems logically. You try to see how XXXX external event relates to YYY other external event. You look for causes. When you think synchronistically, you try to rationally see how XXX thing is a symbol. How XXX external event related to YYY belief or ZZZ internal event. This always requires rational thinking, connective thinking if you will. For in order to find a casual reason to an event you must see a relationship. This type of thinking also involves "seeing" a relationship. It is simply looking for and examining a different kind of relationship.

The exercise for today involves looking at an event in your life as a symbol. Take all the elements of the problems and instead of seeing them as outside of yourself, see them as part of an internal event and ask them in your meditative mind what that internal event represents and what it means? For example, let us say that you are being sued by a disgruntled individual over some small thing. Instead of blaming that individual for suing you, ask yourself what is it the symbolically behind this lawsuit, what does this lawsuit represents to me internally? If you are being sued because you dog did doo-doo on his lawn? Ask your self what the doo-doo represents to you? Ask yourself what his lawn might mean or what you lawn might mean to you? Begin to look at what all the external objects in the event represents and them look at how the drama is playing itself out. How these objects are symbols and what these symbols mean. In Tennessee Williams show the glass menagerie, Laura looks that glass animals on her shelf and feel a deep connection with them. The symbol for those glass animals is that Laura's fragile sanity. When those glass animals break so does Laura's mind. Imagine your life as a stage play? What do the objects represent? And what do the characters represent. In the Tennessee Williams play when Laura has a suitor, it represents love to her. What would the neighbor who is suing you over your doggie's doo-doo represent in your stage play? Each event in your life is LIKE a stage play. It is a stage play that you play out in physical reality, but it underlying connections exist solely symbols like s stage play. You create your reality. You are the director, the star, and the writer. The universe is the producer, or the money man (energy provider) and logistics manager.