What is right and what is wrong? Who is good, who is bad? In your daily lives, IN your society, in your system of justice, there are constant judgements of right and wrong, good and bad.
When you create your own reality, the concept of victim is not longer so relevant. So what then becomes right and wrong?

First of all, from our vantagepoint, there is no right and there is no wrong. There are simply lessons to be learned. However, there is in a sense, a very general sense, a morality of sorts.

To begin with judgement itself is not valid. For in order to truly understand something you must understand the belief's, the history and the pain of ALL the individuals involved in order to make a judgement and even in that case, that judgement is more the likely tainted by your conscious experiences and conscious beliefs. If someone is murdered isn't the murderer in the wrong or "bad". Well, the murderer already is suffering. Should the murderer be prevented from causing another murder? A murderer cannot murder unless he has a "willing victim". It is well known among your law enforcement agencies that if a woman walks with strength and walks with force that many times she will simply NOT be raped. For a rapist must KNOW that he can overpower her. Does that mean we are saying that the victim has no pain? That you should have no compassion for the victim? That she is as much to blame as the perpetrator. A victim is in deep pain and needs tremendous love to heal. A victim needs tremendous help. Who is there to blame? Well, there is NO blame, there are only lessons.

Now, let us get back the rough morality that we were discussing. It is "wrong" to kill, for when you kill you automatically have less respect for life itself. That affects your life. You are automatically punished because you no longer "see" life or your life as something as precious as something of "value". There is no one more fearful for his life then one who takes life. An assassin lives in constant fear of begin assassinated. Is it wrong to rape? Rape is an attempt to gain power. When you are forced in your mind to rape, you are already powerless, otherwise you would not rape. Rape is a fight to increase power. But when a rapist rapes, he in the indeed feels more powerless then he did before. He believes more in the powerless because he who is so powerless, made another even less powerful then they were before. As well, a rapist sees power as something that is an act of violence. He views violence as power. He lives in constant fear of being overpowered. A rapist doesn't understand that true power comes from within. By raping he places him self in an even more powerless world although temporarily he may feel powerful. This is temporary and he "escapes" from this powerful high to an even darker place of powerlessness. That is why he must rape again.

When you "commit" a crime, you automatically place yourself in the world of crime. In other words, you darken your world. Your belief systems are deeply effected. You are "punished" because you yourself are placed in a deeper sense of hell because you reacted initially from a sense of hell and used your energy and the energy of "the victim" both go to a more hellish and painful place. It is the same for any violent crime. In order to commit the crime you must have suffered from some version of the crime itself. When you perpetrate the crime upon another, you recreate the crime, it becomes stronger and stronger in your psyche.

There is in your society a belief in blood rush. A belief that there is rush to see a murder to seeing violence to committing a violence. There is an underlying belief that man is a predator and that violence is the "natural" course o f existence. "blood rush" is about facing the life force and seeing it in action. The "high" of murder for example, is the "high" of encountering the life force in a drastic form. Yet, that feeling is temporary. It engenders an even deeper craving later on. IN order to experience "blood" rush, what is actually craved is life rush. To feel the force of nature run through you. You can accomplish that and more simply by learning more and more about the life force and energy itself. As well, if man were truly predatory through and through, it would NOT be able to build cities at all, it would not be able to work in society whatsoever. There would BE no social structure. Man cooperates much more then he commits violence. For your cities do exist, you have art, science, technology, philosophy etc. If man were uncooperative there would BE no such thing. For if you were truly utterly violence what would occur is that you would simply live ALONE, as in solitary in caves. Man craves other human beings. Man craves family, mankind needs other humans. Mankind IS primarily social.

The highest morality is to be true to your highest self in all circumstances. To be truly and utterly selfish in the most profound ways possible. If you did that each of you would go for your dreams and each of you would NOT harm another human for you would knew that when you harm another you harm yourselves. You would do this naturally and easily. For example, when you kill another as we have stated, you see life as less precious. When you "see" life as less precious, you view your life as less precious, when this happens, you lose appreciation for life and the quality of your life "goes" down. Your ability to appreciate "the little things". You ability to appreciate diminishes. Let us say that you live in a business world of "dog eat dog". Then you live in a very difficult and paranoid world. Your must constantly be on watch against the other businessperson. You live in a totally defensive posture, for the best defense in that concept is an offense. Your entire life is filled with anger, rage, game playing etc. You begin to "loose" touch with you heart center. An individual like this finds it difficult to love. An individual like this finds it difficult to open their heart center. Individuals like these have massive heart attacks, for they ignore their hearts and live fast paced dramatic lives. Whatever you do to another effects your reality, it affects your belief systems and thereby effects the quality of your life. Thereby if you live for your highest self, you would "realize" that and NOT do something unto another.

Now let us get into the idea of harm. There are in your world many "vampires". What this means is that there are many people who will be happy to tell you what you "owe" them. What your responsibility "are". Your government will tell you what you owe them. Your family will tell you what you owe it. Your wife, your husband your daughter, and son, your boss, your friend. We tell you do you DO NOT OWE any of these people anything. What you owe them is to be true to you highest self. What that means is that you owe it to them to follow your life purpose, and fulfill your deepest self. If you have been married for 10 years and you feel the need to have an affair because your marriage is now empty. Then ask yourself before you do it, is this serving my highest self? If it is, then indeed have the affair. It could save your marriage it could also destroy the marriage. However, when you ask yourself that question and you realize that you deeply love your mate and that to have sex with another human being would cause them pain and when they hurt, you hurt. Then you will not do it. But you do NOT owe to your mate to live in an empty marriage. If there are many obligation in your life preventing you form living your highest purpose, you must ask yourself why you have created them and what beliefs they are representing. As well, you must ask yourself what is right and what is wrong? When you come to this question ask yourself, if I do XXX action what energy am I giving to what belief and do I want that belief to effect my reality? Do I want energy the energy of that belief to enter into my world? If you answer yes to those questions then you have behaved in a moral manner. That is it.

Now, we will also tell you that to live true to your highest self you must live for something beyond yourself. You must find meaning in your life and fulfill or at least move towards your purpose. If you do not have something that gives you life meaning, you will experience deep despair. A life must mean something, must work for something beyond itself, must move towards expressing some deep value or there will be terrific pain. This is to some extent what began o occur in the 1960's. At that time, The United States was living in a "booming" financial era. But what the children of these "booming" parents discovered is that money and physical objects mean very little. They can actually fill you with tremendous emptiness unless you find within yourself an ideal to fulfill. A mission to take on. SOMETHING TO GIVE YOUR LIFE MEANING. Because there was so little concern for money and physical needs were fulfilled, these children began to "see" within themselves that there must be something more, for they felt empty. For they felt a deep senselessness to it. So began the anti-war movement. Something to fight for. So began a time of questioning. An era of questioning.

Now, when you look at morality this way, the lines of right and wrong indeed become almost always gray. It is much easier to have a "written" set of rules to follow. It is much easier to say XXX is right and XXX is wrong. However, that is NOT true morality is a list of shoulds that if you follow without thinking them through will have you reach that emptiness and fill your life with tremendously painful shoulds. It will also prevent of gaining needed depth in a life. These ideas of morality are NOT easy to live with, however they are effective and they breed tolerance. Because what you find to be moral and what another finds to be moral can be a totally different expression of something. In essence e there is not one god, no one structure. This breeds tremendous understanding and tolerance. That tolerance is deeply needed in your society. When you believe in one god, you believe there is one right way to be. When you believe there is one right to be, then you don't allow for the expression of almost every individual alive and that creates tremendous pain. It also creates tremendous violence for it separates people from themselves and from each others.

We tell you there is no right and there is no wrong, there is simply ignorance. For a member of gang in south LA, killing another gang member does not realize that he is harming himself. That he is bring more death into his world, and very possibly contributing to his own death. That is the mark of ignorance. However, looking at that individuals beliefs, seeing that all he sees around him is death and violence. That was what he was born into, maybe he grew up with bullets going through is living room and has no concept of safety. As well, he knows that he will probably die by the time he is 25 years old. He believes he has nothing to live for. Prison is actually safer for him then his own world. He does not "see" a way out. Most times he can't conceive of a way out. That is ignorance. It is also a very real and very painful reality for many individuals.

Now judgments especially among the middle class are very accepted. These are very basic judgements, very simple ideas. Yet they govern the middle class life as much as the gangs govern the "lower" class life. For example, you must pay your bills, you must keep a clean house. You must have sex 2 times a week. You must have 2.5 children. You must wear the most expensive clothes you can afford, you must drive the best car. You must strive to better the physical lives of your family. All of these shoulds reflect beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. These belief's also limit and harm a great many individuals.

The most moraly free class is the "high" class, because in order to make money, there needs to a wide range of acceptance. For example, if you are closing a business deal with millions from someone of a different culture, then you must be tolerant to accept that culture. Now there are places within the high class that are also very limited. These are the "rules' of high society. You must wear designer dresses, you must be respectable etc.. But even then anything goes unless you are caught.

The "bottom" line is that each individual lives to the best of his or her ability to understand. Each individual is basically a good person who more than likely makes a number of mistakes. This leads us to the concept of a natural guilt, a basic guilt. Among animals if something is done once and it doesn't 'work" then it is not done again.

This is not "guilt" as you understand it is simply the acceptance of a lesson. For example, if a wolf goes after a skunk and the skunk, sprays him, he knows to STAY away form skunks in the future. This is natural guilt. An instinctive feeling deep within yourself that you should NOT DO THIS. That is the purpose of natural guilt. However, blaming yourself, saying I did this wrong, I deserve to be punished etc..., will get you nowhere. In fact, many times it is an excuse not to take action. If you are guilty of doing something "wrong" in the past, what good does it do to beat yourself up for it. It accomplishes nothing and recreates that "bad' situation in your reality. Guilt exists to prevent you for redoing an action. That is all, it is NOT permanently to punish, indeed punishment is not a "natural" concept or idea. In fact, punishment rarely works, it simply forces the individual involved to focus their energy on the 'bad' thing. Many times punishment recreates the negative or "bad' action. So what should you do with a criminal. Well, it is obvious to us, treat him with compassion. You wish someone to stop killing, then create an environment where he understands the value of life. That of course is radical idea. You wish to stop someone from raping, then create an environment where he learns what true power is. Our next posting will be on power.....