Part of becoming a wizard is finding power, the natural power within yourself. There are many forms of power, and many levels of power. The crudest form of power is violence, physical power. You can indeed "get your way" when you hold a gun on most people. You can indeed feel as if you have empowered yourself when you rape another or when you kill another. But that power is fleeting and lasts for the amount of time that the incident occurs. After that, there is an emptiness that occurs. Another form of outward power is money. This form is also very temporary and when you subscribe to it, you live in fear. For craving money, needing money, is a trap because then you live in fear of losing that money. You must always protect that money. Mental manipulation is another form of power; it is indeed possible to manipulate another through lies and trickery to achieve your goal. However then you lose your ability to trust which leads to real power. As well, what you gain through lies and trickery and manipulation, you run the risk of losing when another "finds" out about your plots. On television you "see" all of these forms of gaining power.
Your soap operas teach women manipulation. Your cop shows many of them teach men the power of violence. How many people are manipulated and killed in just one seasons of primetime television? So many times you see these things that you come to believe in them. There is another form of power, a newer and burgeoning form. That of knowledge. Now there are different types of knowledge. Knowledge that stems from reading and internal or intuitive knowledge. A wizard USES both forms of knowledge. He or she knows when to use "book" knowledge and combine it with intuitive knowledge. A wizard does not use one form of knowledge over the other.

In your society event the burgeoning new power of knowledge is believed to be purely of the intellect. That knowledge is limited because when the intellect is used purely in it's own right it rather like cutting a child off from it's mother; the intellect thrashes around looking for guidance. Also the intellect was never intended to "run" the whole show. When you put the intellect purely in charge, it cannot control enough elements to do what it believes needs to be done. Let us say you run a business the way that Samantha has. The intellect attempts and plans in great detail what must be done. The intellect plans and utilizes and spells things out on how things need to happen in great detail. The problems of course is that it is NOT the intellect purely that controls reality. The conscious intellectual mind can only go so far on itself and then it runs into many things it cannot control. It cannot "force" sales. It cannot force an employee to do what needs to be done. It cannot force a bank to give you money. The intellect cannot force an investor to give money. You can only do what you can do, and many times the intellect can do much, however it is also limited in it's power. Samantha for many years as do many of you attempted to live solely in the intellect. Being an entrepreneur taught her the limits of intellectual power. She began to channel more and more to cope with her business enterprises to find and use another form of power since she found that she could not use just the intellect to make her life work.

One way to judge the value of a form of power is to see how much effort is needed to create what you want to require. How much energy is expended to create the desired result? Physical violence or physical power requires the most intense energy for the shortest payoff. Money is significantly better form of power because it requests a great deal less energy then violently getting what you want each and every time. Manipulation is a better form then using purely money because it is relatively easy to run out of money. The intellect is better then all of these. Interestingly enough when one form of power does not work for someone, and they feel they are losing control of the situation, then will then very rapidly begin to use the "lesser" form. That is why a normally rational man will quickly "erupt" when he doesn't get his way. The rational approach would be to "go up" the scale, however that is NOT what occurs.

To explain the pyramid of power let us use an example. For power is a pyramid, and physical violence is at the bottom while wizardry is at the top. Let us say that you are a boss and want an employee to do something for you. If you walked into their office and threatened with a gun each and every time you needed a job done, it would take enormous amounts of energy to keep that employee working for you. You could literally spend you entire time in their office issuing orders and you yourself getting nothing done. If you used money, which many businesses do, you will soon discover that the employee will "rebel" underneath. That they will do certain jobs for the money, but many times they will also sabotage things underneath because there is an underlying resentment. For example, they may show up late to work everyday by a few minutes. They will do JUST what needs to be done. Or they will do EXACTLY what you tell them to do NO more. The next form of power is manipulation. Let us say that you "bribe" an employee by telling him that if he or she does XXXX for YYYY amount of times you will send him or her on a trip to the Bahamas. This will work for a while; it is a carrot kind of manipulation and will work to a certain extent. It is better than the purely money situation.

You can also threaten the employee. If you do not do this, then I will fire you, or I will cut your pay or I will do XXX. You can also do underhanded things. You can lie to them about what you can do to get XXXX accomplished. Like saying that you will send them to the Bahamas in six months when you know that you will NOT do that. You may get a good employee for six months and then run into trouble when you don't produce. Another form of manipulation is guilt. You owe me XXXX is the ultimate manipulative act. Another form is look at all I have done for you... A boss would use this to say, look at all I have sacrificed to pay your salary. Look at all the breaks I have given you. You committed to this job and it is your responsibility. Finally there is the intellect. You can sit down and really explain in great detail why this job needs to be done. What the parameters of the job are, how they basically need to be accomplished and then let each person go about doing them. However, you will still run into many problems utilizing this method as well. Basically, again there will be many uncontrollable elements that come into play. No matter how specific your concepts or parameters you will STILL run into a certain amount of trouble. However you will expend considerably less amount of energy than going into an employees office and threatening them with a gun each time you want something done.

Interestingly enough, historically speaking (at least according to you written history, which leaves many gaps) your societies have moved through the various power levels. For example, your society first "saw" itself as a society of farmers. You used physical or manual labor to grow food. Then came the industrial society where everything was done by utilizing money to get people to "get" the job done. The next step was manipulation combined with intellect with the informational society that you moving into. But already you are beginning to see the limits of that, at least some of you are at the very limits of it. For example, there again is simply too much information to absorb. There is simple too much to "see" and understand. And to many elements and changes that cannot be controlled. There is one rough definition of economics that says "economics is gaining power in a situation". This definition presupposes that resources are limited and that all people crave power based upon resources.

However the power of the wizard is very different. It is a power first of all that works in tandem with the universe. It requires less effort then all the other methods. Since we used the example of a business let us think about how a wizard would run a business. First of all when the judging the validity of doing or not doing a project, the wizard would ask is it a betrayal of myself in any way? Because a wizard would know that if you betray yourself in anyway then the universe would find that unacceptable and you will encounter problems with the project. Let us say that you do XXXX project purely for the money, ask yourself how will you use that money? Will you use that money to simply do more projects to get more money so that you can be a success? Or will you use that money to help you accomplish your life's work? Then ask yourself is there anyway to accomplish my life's work without doing something specifically for the money. Do I have enough skills to go straight for my dream? Or do I need to do something else in the meantime for the money? Is there anyway that this project can give me satisfaction? How much time will I buy doing this project to help me gain the skills that I need? The bottom line is are you going for your dream? Are you working towards something that gives your meaning? Many of you do things specifically for the money, but there is no meaning underneath them. You do things to buy a new car because you think that car will give you respect. Or to buy a better home or to buy another trip to the Caribbean. These things although "fun" and pleasant will not give you an underlying meaning to your life. Also, they are NOT working in tandem with the universe, because the universe requires that you attempt to fulfill your purpose, you are working again the universe and when you do that, things go wrong. When you betray your higher purpose, you betray yourself and when you betray yourself you have misery as well as have outward trouble.

Let us say that you take on this project or this job and it is NOT a betrayal of yourself. But then something else goes wrong. When something is wrong look first to yourself, then fix the underlying problem. Let us say that you are running this business and an employee sabotages you. Ask yourself what beliefs am I encountering here? What do I need to change within myself in order to fix these problems? After you have that answer, then deal effectively with the employee. But never use blame when dealing with an employee or in a professional situation. When you "blame" another, you simply create more trouble for yourself in the long run. You also take your power away from yourself. So traditionally when an employee would sabotage you, you would immediately call them to task and maybe fire them. Instead look to yourself and say what is being reflected here in myself? What am I doing there or believing here? Is there a lesson here that I need to learn? Because you will find even if you fire that employee, that what will happen next is that another employee will do something similar if you do not "deal" with the underlying SELF issue. So if one employee stole money from you and you fire them. Then in a week or a month or so another employee steals equipment form you or sabotages a big deal etc. What is the underlying reason for this? IT IS NOT JUST THAT EMPLOYEES FAULT. It is ultimate the job of a wizard in management let us say to create an atmosphere that works smoothly. When you react in anger, you react badly and create a poor atmosphere.

Another law of power is you will is to love each and every situation that you face. Instead of fighting it, instead of reacting AGAINST it. You accept it and look for the message to be gleaned form it. So for example, let us say that you are this businessperson and you are faced with sales half what were expected. Instead of getting angry or getting fearful. You love this situation and say there needs to be some radical changes here. As well, I need to evaluate whether I or my company is doing the "right" thing fulfilling the purpose that they set out to do. Each company does have a purpose or it would not be in business. Possibly that purpose it to make money for all involved. To create and provide more energy. That company will survive for a while possibly even successfully. However a company that does not have an underlying purpose will NOT survive on a long term basis. A company is an entity in it's own right and it needs purpose as much as humans. Also, the people who work for it need meaning to their lives and if that meaning is simply to make money, it will eventually and possibly very quickly become empty. However imagine if you will that you work for a company that is attempting to educate children in a belief system that you believe in. Then that company becomes a mission if you will. You will do everything you can for that and so will it's other employees if they are on "fire" as well. When you use the power of love, you make sure that you are "on purpose", as well you only work for a company that has the same purpose that you do. This lights a fire under you. Finally, if that company is in trouble you as a wizard would recognize that the company may not STILL be on purpose and help with it's course correction as well as possibly come up with ideas to help it change and increase your power in the company. Increase your circle of influence... A crises many time means that a course correction needs to take place. That is all, love the crisis love the change and the change will happen easier and smoother than before. Because then you are working within the laws of the universe.

There is a need for each individual to "get" energy. Sometimes this energy is rather like a small child craving attention. When you encounter another human being, most of you attempt to get attention from them and they attempt to get energy from you. Another thing a wizard would look for in the above business example, is that there is a balance of energy going in an out. As well, a wizard would learn to provide energy for their employees, and tap into the universal energy instead of attempting to GET energy from their employees. Another way to look at this is that as wizard you can tap into unlimited energy sources and gain more energy then you have ever needed or even wanted. You are no longer "trapped" in other people needs or feeling or desires for yourself. You no longer crave approval. This is something a wizard would do in each and every situation, not just a business one. He or she would attempt to get all of this energy from the universe instead of from another individual. This creates a necessary detachment. It DOES not preclude love, but it does mean that you know that love will come from many places in the universe. This would prevent the above employees from manipulating you. It would also prevent you being manipulated in friendships, love relationship etc. Another lesson of a wizard is that you get what you give out. The law of attraction. So when you are faced with angry people, look and see if that anger is a reflection of yourself, if not realize it is a lesson or a test. And react with kindness or peace. It takes an amazing amount of peace to not react to anger, to NOT be drawn into another's rage. When you are truly enlightened, you realize that you ARE expected to ACT better then another because you know more. That is the responsibility of knowledge. The idea of well, he did it first or she did it first, so I can do the same thing, is not an enlightened idea. As well, the related idea that "fair is fair". If someone blows up at me and blames me that I have the right to blow up at them and blame them. There is no "fair", there is only the reality that you have created. Many times people will attempt to "force" you into their energy. This is a move for power. An angry person will try to get you angry. A bitter person will try to make you bitter. When faced with anger and you respond with anger, then you have released your power into another. You keep you power by NOT being angry. You keep your power by not going into the energy of another. That is not to say that the other person "out to get you" more then likely they will NOT even realize that they are doing it. But when one person is afraid then want another to share that fear or that anger because they feel so alone.

Another form of power is to trust you intuition. This is especially important when you are a wizard. The universe speaks to you through your intuition. And many times when you have a well trained intuition you will simply KNOW something. There will be no traditional reason for this knowledge, but it will be something that you know and that is all. You will know to do XXXX. You will know that XXX will occur and can plan around it. Each of you has an intuition, although sometimes it is more trained or untrained. Basically, intuition requires tremendous trust.

Let us say that you are working at a job from nine to five and your intuition tells you at ten o clock that you must leave the building and go outside and cross the street. NOW. If you trust that intuition then you must find a way to go to your boss and leave that building and do it on FAITH and for no other reason. The more you follow your intuition, the more it will grow and the more accurately it will grow. A person such as this can take risks as well, risks that are guided and he or she KNOWS that they will work. But more on this for another posting.

Imagine if you will having a boss that never blames you, that cannot be manipulated, that is never angry no matter what happens or what you do to them. Also imagine this boss as one that never does anything that betray himself or herself, this person reacts with peace and love in a crisis situation. Not only that, they come up with idea on how to fix the crisis situation. Finally, this person seems to know about situations ahead of time and many times comes up with amazing knowledge seeming from nowhere. That person or that individual would have "true" power, because they would be truly respected. Their circle of influence would grow, and grow quickly. A person described above would gain a management position very quickly even if they started on he lowest rung of the ladder. For each of you has power in your life. Let us call that your circle of influence. You have power with your mate, your creditors, your family XXXX. When you "buy" into their vision or visions of you, then you lose that power. When you decide who and what you are, and that is valuable, then you automatically have more power in that circle. As well, your circle of influence will increase, for more people will automatically be drawn to you. If you are an employee and you show amazingly calm at work, you always show up on time, you don't get angry etc. You will soon get a job with either another company who will hire you for a better position or you will get a better position in your own company. You will then evaluate what it is best you utilize that position.

Being a wizard is the most effortless way of being powerful. When you react in the above manner, power will come to you and you will wear it well and comfortably without fear, because you will KNOW that it comes from an unlimited source.