Instinct is your key to the universe. It is the universe speaking through you and to you. Learning to hear the universe, learning to listen to your instincts is probably the fastest and most profound way that you can fulfill your dreams, and find peace.
Many Christians talk of God's will. There is this belief that "god's will" will be something that you don't want or something that you don't like. IN fact, universal will or God's will exists to guide you to fulfill your purpose. You are each as we have stated earlier put upon the earth and into physical life for a purpose, it is the will of the universe that you fulfill that purpose. Fulfilling that purpose is what will give you happiness. Unhappiness is an internal path corrector if you will. Something, be it your belief or your "thinking" desires, is taking you off the path. The purpose of unhappiness if you will s to create greater happiness in your life. The purpose of unhappiness is to align you with purpose and universal will. Listening to your instincts is the universe's way of telling you what to do.

Now one of the biggest problems is learning what your instincts are versus your beliefs about what your instincts are. Many of you believe because you have been taught through your society, your religions etc. To NOT TRUST your instincts. Instincts are 'bad". They cause you to kill, they cause you to yell and to scream and to do things that you think are wrong and bad. We tell you that those instincts that would have you kill another are not initial instincts. They are repressed instincts, repressed angers if you will that are coming back to haunt you. For if anger is dealt with initially, when it first comes on and LISTENED to, it dissipates. It is only anger that is ignored that can "turn" on you and become something violent. So let us say that you have many repressed angers and decide to trust your instincts. Well, listen to those feelings. If in your anger you find that you wish to divorce your husband because you can no longer stand to live with him, and you have been repressing that, ask yourself what you are angry about. Listen to the anger for underneath ALL emotions is LOVE. For example, maybe you are so angry with your husband and wish to leave him because he has made you pick up his socks in the bedroom for ten years-or do the laundry for ten years. You feel unappreciated. That is love for yourself telling you hat you deserve something better. Ask yourself then is it better to stay with your husband and "do" something about the sock issue or leave? Listen to your anger and you will find that underneath it when you listen to it, there is love and there is peace. As well, you may find that anger is very impatient as well as very immature. So even though you are working towards something the angry self cannot see that. It will NOT see something until it has exactly what it wants. At that time, you must be patient with it and explain that it needs to have faith.

Highly evolved people do not NOT have negative emotions they simply KNOW how to handle them much more successfully then the average person. First of all they love themselves NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE FEELING. They recognize that their negative emotions are small children within them that need to be loved. They acknowledge and love those emotions. Many of your RUN away from your emotions, so those emotions become stronger and stronger. You are afraid to feel anger, you are afraid to feel pain. The pain becomes stronger because you are adding self-rejection into it. The anger becomes stronger because you are repressing it. You have all heard stories of murderers and killers who for whatever reasons seem calm and placid on the outside yet kill ten people within five years. They neighbors imply cannot believe that that nice calm man would "do such a thing". It is because that person repressed his anger that he BECAME a murderer. His rage "just overcame" him because he didn't' listen to it.

Most of you are frightened by your instincts. You are afraid that you WILL become that person who murders ten people if you listen to your emotions and listen to your instincts. What you need to do is "sit" down and listen to those emotions. This is the initial step in learning to listen to your instincts, to clear out all of that emotion that for years has been built up so that you KNOW the difference between what is an instinct or an impulse and what is coming back to you as repressed emotions. We suggest that you go to your temple, the temple of peace that we asked you to develop earlier on. Then when you are in a state of peace, invite your anger in for tea or an evening of discussion. Then ask your anger, your pain, what it has to say. IT WILL TELL YOU. Initially it may begin by raging against what it is angry at. For example, let us say that you are upset at your job, you don't like what you are doing. Your anger begins by telling you I hate my job, I hate what I am doing. I wish that I were dead. I hate this. I hate my life. I hate doing this work. As you are serving tea, tell that anger that you love it, then ask it what it wants. It may say I want a new job. Ask it what kind of job that it wants; ask it what needs to be done in order to get this job. At this point, it may say that instead of being a lawyer, it wants to be an artist. Then you may wish to invite your fear to enter the room. Your fear may say to you, well, we make 100,000.00 a year as a lawyer and we will be poor as artists. As well, who is to say that we will even make it? What about, have you ever heard about a starving artist? Also what about the fact that your mother told you as a child that you had no artistic talent. As well as that art teacher in fifth grade. It is much safer for you to NOT attempt to become an artist. Love that fear and ask it what it intends to do about the situation. Tell them both that you are having trouble maintaining a balanced life because they can't work things out between themselves, that you need both of them but that you need them to work together. You may not come to a resolution at that initial tea, however you will "come" back feeling much better and tremendous anger will be released.

Now as you are clearing out your emotions, we STILL think you should follow your instinct. Start with the little ones, the "safer" ones and see what happens. Let us say that you are shopping on Saturday and you come to a shop that looks appealing but you have never entered because you heard it was too expensive. You have an extra fifteen minutes, so you decide to go in, and sure enough there is a prefect present for your Mom's birthday ON SALE at just the right price. To think that you had been looking ALL day for that present and weren't going to go in. You will find by following your instincts "little miracles" like this will occur. Things that you don't expect at all, indeed don't even try for and sure enough they will appear. By doing this, you being to develop faith. Also begin to look at the quality of feeling when you follow your instincts. They is a "certain" difference in these feelings, it is slight but they instinct, these feelings are very persistent, but in a soft way. As well, they usually appear at least initially for small things, things that you aren't really attached too. For example, the above was a present. If you hadn't gotten that present you would have gotten something else. These instinct occur when you are NOT that attached tot he outcome, when you are feeling "trustful".

As you develop these instincts you will find that they will attempt to expand your level of risk. Initially it is the store, later it may be a job to apply for that you think you don't want. Or to palace an ad in the paper for a mate, whatever. Many times these instinct and impulses will come through in different ways. For example, you may find that you will dream of doing something, then a friend will suggest it to you, as well as having a strong instinct to do it. This again is the "logic" of synchronicity. Samantha uses what she terms the law of three. If three incidents point a way to follow a certain instincts then no matter how difficult it may be to follow, that is what she does. In this matter she can assure herself that it isn't "just an impulse", but a true message form the universe. Although we do not necessarily agree with this, for all impulses exist for some reason, it is a good rule of thumb when you are "starting" out. It teaches you what to look for in a message from the universe.

There is a story in the bible about Moses who led a group of people in to the desert for forty years based on "the word of god". Your impulses if you will are the word of god. Can you image in on an impulse, quitting your job, selling your house and going into the desert simply on an impulse? Or what about Noah and the ark. On "impulse", the word of god, he built a huge ark and all of his neighbors thought he was crazy, as did his family. He had to go through that derision for twenty years, as well as 'squander" the family fortune. He did all of that by trusting his impulses. What about Joseph, he was thrown into a well hole by his brothers and sold into slavery. Would you have the faith that he did that God was watching over him in spite of being sold into slavery, in spite of his own brothers killing him? How many of you have that kind of faith and that ability to trust yourselves and the forces of nature that flow through you? We are not "preaching" biblical stories here, what we are telling you is to think of yourselves as prophets, prophets for your own lives and learn to trust yourselves and the energy of instinct and impulse that flow through you. Each of you has the potential to be great, but only when you work in conjunction with the universe. By great as well, we do not necessarily mean rich or famous. However, maybe you will touch upon greatness in how you raise your children. Maybe if you follow your instincts and impulses you will touch upon greatness by writing a fine peace of music. There are many ways, as many ways as there are people to touch upon greatness. After all wasn't Noah a "simple:" farmer. Wasn't Joseph initially a slave?

One thing as well that you will encounter is fear when you attempt to follow your impulses, especially the "larger" more "dangerous" ones. Many times instincts or impulses will indeed upset the very fabric of your life as they did for Noah. You must again sit down and have tea with your fear and learn to deal with it and accept it. When you are frightened you are stretching yourself and opening up your life. Your "ego" self, the self that exists to protect you and take care of you will many times tell you to "Not do this thing", It makes no "sense", "it's not rational, whatever. You must realize that this is the 'small" part of the ego that is talking. You must at this point tell yourself that you are protected, that no matter what it looks like it just your fears manifesting. That you are always safe etc. Befriend that fear and do not fight it, do not blame yourself for having them or hate yourself for them. When you expand yourself by following your impulses, you are taking risk with this expansion. The ego wants to protect what you currently are. Again that is part of its job, but as well, there is no safety in stagnation, there is no safety when you live totally in the world of the ego, rational self. It is only within the universal source that you will find real safety and real security. And the universal force, which is always expanding, expects you to do the same as well, tell your ego that by expanding yourself you are be safer. Maybe your impulse is to leave your husband of ten years. In the process of doing this, you may find that you still love your husband or in two years time you may find the love of your life. Maybe your impulse is to quit your job of ten years and start a business. You may find that this business will make you more secure then you were before and bring in more money. You may also find that the business you were working for goes bankrupt in one to tow year period, so even thought he safest thing at the time would be to stay with that safe corporate job, in "reality" the safest thing was that you start your own business. The ego lets you see the short-term trees; the instinct let you see the long-term forest.

To be moral is to follow your highest self, the path that is trues to your heart for that is truly what you are. Your instincts will guide upon this path of heart, the path of love, follow them and grow into greatness.